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Monday, November 4, 2013

Saying Goodbye To My Sandy Bumpy Driveway

With the Courtyard now built and the retaining walls alongside the driveway in are moving right along to the next project of having our driveway and path to the front door poured and laid.

I've mentioned before my driveway reversing issues and well if I'm completely honest the problem lays a lot deeper than that. I can't express enough how much my driveway has frustrated me over these years but that's all about to change now. I don't know how I'll spend my time I won't have sand and dust to clean off the floors every day!

Let's paint a picture - it's crumbly, part bitumen and part concrete slabs, orange pebbles and rocks with a bit of brown and yellow sand mixed in. Beautiful it aint!

The reason it's such a pain is because everyone can see it - cars driving by, neighbors on the street, friends and family that visit, taxis that drop me home - I can't hide it inside the house behind a closed door, it's on show warts and all for the world to see! 

It wasn't in complete disarray when we bought the house, the most damage was caused when we started the garage renovation early last year. When the carport slab was ripped out this left a big gap in the driveway which has caused the slabs to move with the cars parking on it all the time. The final straw was the concrete truck backing up to lay the garage footings which made some big cracks and movement in the slab. Not to mention the skip bins to take away all our rubble. Yes it’s taken a bit of a beating our ole driveway.
Now it looks like a mine field when you get out the car with your hands full and you have to get through the battlefield to the front door and:-
1. Try not to roll down the driveway because it is on such a lean
2. Dodge the cracks and holes so you don’t sprain your ankle
3. Don’t ever attempt any of the above in high heels - after a night of drinking - ever!

I've limited using my car to once a week as I need to use planks of wood to back out of the garage and have ripped my front spoiler off my car twice now. I've promised myself that I'm going to buy a four wheel drive after all this then I won't have to worry about boggy sand anymore!


I know it's just a driveway but when our new driveway is laid I intend to lay a big fat kiss on the newly laid ground in thanks and appreciation! Or maybe just pop the cork on the champagne and toast to it. Maybe both :)

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[All images my own]

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  1. It's progress and I can feel your pain Michelle!!! Can't wait to see it all done!

    1. The pain and frustration! Thanks so much Vel :)

  2. Yay Michelle!! :D Just saw your pictures on FB - it looks fantastic! Yes, kiss it and have a champagne (I would!) And just think - now you can drink without fear that you will stack it on your wonky driveway afterward!

    1. Yes a kiss and lots of celebratory drinks! Amen to that sista ;)

  3. Oh I can understand your need for the kiss, maybe a dance is needed as well! Lisa xo

    1. Yes we will be able to dance on it come the weekend, the concrete is still curing so Im having to do a Mcgiver and walk the wall and climb into the garage at the moment!


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