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Friday, October 3, 2014

My 100 Happy Days Recap

From May to September 2014 I took up the 100 happy days challenge and photographed a moment each and every day for 100 days that made me happy, made me smile and laugh, or just made my heart go all warm and fuzzy.
I shared my photos on my Instagram over here using the hash tag #100happydays.

Some days when I hadn't taken a photo all day all I did was look around where I was and whether it was me and Mr P hanging out and spending time together, a delicious home cooked meal ready to be devoured or my fur baby Lexi being my companion always by my side I realised that it was the comforts at home that bring me the most happiness ..... Although food and wine feature pretty highly as well!
This challenge made me appreciate things more and realise I have so much to be grateful for.
I am by no means a photographer and some of my photos were not the prettiest or coolest to share, but they captured a feeling or a memory to me and that is what the photo challenge is all about.
Having just joined Instagram this year, at first I was really overwhelmed by the beautiful images and beautiful lives that are shared on there. But I have to stop and say to myself that my photos are not to win a contest but to share my life as it is - Freckles and all!

I think the 100 Happy Days challenge is such a great idea and everyone should give it a go - you can read more about it here.
Are you doing the 100 Happy Days Challenge?

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[First image via 100HappyDays - All other images my own]

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  1. What a great challenge you participated in... I have done the monthly photo challenges (such as the FMS, which I think I first found out about from you!), but never a happiness one. I know, there really are so many beautiful photos on IG, but I really try not to compare myself to others! I just do it for fun!!

    1. I've done 2 of FMS's photo a day and yes that is where we first found eachother! Without the prompts this makes you think about the small things that make you smile each day :)

  2. I'm currently on Day 65 of 100 and loving it! It's made me realise just how much I get up to on a daily basis!

    1. It is really invigorating isnt it Anna, makes you appreciate the little things :)


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