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Monday, February 9, 2015

Q & A With Australian Author - Loretta Hill

I have been reviewing books on the blog for 4 years now and feel quite proud to bring you my very first interview today.

I'm thrilled to welcome to my blog Loretta Hill, a Western Australian author, to celebrate the release of her latest novel.

Loretta's first novel Kiss and Tell was released in 2009 and since then she has written a total of 7 women's fiction books. Her latest novel The Maxwell Sisters was published by Random House Australia on 3 January 2015.


Q What did you enjoy most about writing your most recent book The Maxwell Sisters?

A    The setting, definitely! I love the Margaret River Wine region so doing the research for this book was such a joy. I’ve always been interested in wine but since writing this book I’ve had to learn so much more about the process of making it.

Q Your books are usually based in an Australian country town, what do you love most about rural Australia?

A    The people. I love the community spirit of small towns. I love the fact that everyone knows each other so well. There’s a lot of comedy and drama to be found in that dynamic and I certainly put these two ingredients in “The Maxwell Sisters.”

Q Do your friends or enemies ever become characters in your books?

A   No, not really. Certain qualities, habits and mannerisms that I encounter in different people do give me ideas. However, I never write a character exactly as they are in real life. Honestly, I think that would be too hard. I want my characters to behave how I want them to behave and if they are real people they often won’t J

Q What has been your proudest moment or achievement as a writer?

A   Having one of my books as number 1 on itunes. That never gets old.

Q  Name your all time favourite top 3 books and/or authors

A   Wow! That question is just way too hard. I could not narrow it down to three. The author I have loved the longest is Georgette Heyer. I have admired her since my teenage years and I do read her books again and again. But there are so many modern authors I love just as much. Too many to name. 

Q Just for fun, this or that:

  • Wine or Coffee         -   Wine
  • Comedy or Drama    -   Why not both? J
  • Diamonds or Pearls  -    Diamonds
  • Summer or Winter    -    Summer
  • Call or Text               -    Call
  • Book or Ebook          -    Book

It has been a pleasure interviewing you Loretta, I can't wait to see what book you release next!


You can find  my reviews of Loretta's previous books The Girl In The Yellow Vest HERE and The Maxwell Sisters HERE.

To find out more about the author check out Loretta's website here.

I hope this will be the first of many interviews with authors that I admire!

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[Image via Loretta Hill]

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  1. How exciting to interview an author on your blog!! I will def. check her out. I really like the just for fun questions, I really need to pick up the phone more instead of texting someone!

    1. It was very exciting Carrie, hopefully the first of many! I wanted to do something a little different and there are so many " this or that " that come to mind, I could do an interview just on that!!

  2. Love her response re. real people not behaving the way exactly how she wants them to behave. So true!

    1. I agree she is so down to earth and her books read that way as well :)


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