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Friday, November 27, 2015

DIY: Plastic Pots + Spray Paint = Granite Look Pots

Our latest home improvement project has us working towards clearing the backyard for subdivision.

A mini excavator and driver came last weekend to dig up the old garden beds and we had to transplant any plants that we wanted to save and move them into the courtyard at the front of the house. Some of the plants are these yukkas we grew from cuttings that a friend gave us years ago, we stuck them in the ground, watered them occasionally, and they have turned into beautiful big plants!

Now that the front courtyard has a fence around it it's a blank canvas patiently waiting to be landscaped - but until we work out the exact design I don't want to spend money on expensive pots or start putting plants into the ground only to have to dig them up again. 

So I decided the best thing was to plant the yakkas into pots we already had .... old, weathered, faded, dirty plastic pots ...... which would be given a face lift with some spray paint that looks like granite.

To start with I gave the pots and trays a good clean with my fancy never kink hose to remove all the dirt and peeled off the labels. I left them to dry in the stinking hot 38 degrees sun which only took about 10 minutes and they were good to go!

Once the pots were clean and dry I turned to my trusty spray paint supplies and used the Dulux Duramax Plastic Primer spray paint first to apply a light coat of primer onto the pots and trays.

The primer is a must as it prepares the plastic surface which helps the paint stick to it.

The primer didn't take long to dry on such a hot day - I waited less than half an hour.

I then used two cans of Dulux Duramax granite affect spray paint. You could use one can of paint and have the background colour show through and a more speckled look but I wanted it to be solid granite which is why I used a second can of paint.

I did a couple of light coats and waited half an hour between coats to dry. Dulux Duramax is known for it's fast drying time, it dries super fast which is perfect for impatient painters like me! 

I did a review of these Dulux Duramax spray paints earlier this year which you can read more about here.

I waited another hour for the painted pots and trays to be completely dry and they were then ready to be used.

I sat the pots on the trays, filled the pots with potting mix and planted the yukkas.

Everyone looks surprised when I tell them these pots are plastic, the granite effect is very realistic and I think they could pass for being made of granite or a heavier material.

Except they are much lighter and cheaper than granite pots would be!

It feels good to be out in the garden adding some much needed greenery and kerb appeal to the front of the house.

Have you been out in the garden lately? 

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  1. They look so much better! I love spray paint, seriously... it is so quick and can make something look better in a heartbeat.


    1. Where would we be without the power of paint! Spray paint is so much easier to use than a pot and paint brush too, great for these mini makeovers :)

  2. Awesome makeover! They really do look so much like granite pots now

    1. Thanks Trishie, it's a really cool textured paint, I'm wondering what else I can spray paint with it :)

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  4. I was just searching for plastic plant pots and found your blog post. I like your spray paint granite idea. Thanks for this wonderful share.


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