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Monday, December 27, 2010

Keepin Cool

Phew there goes Christmas for another year! Hope everyone had a fantastic day with family, loved ones and mates.

I love this time of year when everyone begins to unwind and relax, you forget what day it is, party season kicks in, the alarm clock is off and the hardest questions of the day are .... Should we hit the sales? and What to do for New Years?

Its been sweltering hot here and its tipped to top 40 degress today so the best thing to do is relax in the air onditioning, play computer games, read magazines and sip on a refreshing bacardi and lemonade. Yes it's good to be on holidays!

Hope everyone is kicking back and enjoying the holiday season.

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  1. I'm so over this heat!! I agree, definitely the day to stay indoors with a magazine to flick through :)

  2. Thank you for stopping in, we have so much in common, It is 40 degrees here in Orlando Florida today....unbelievably cold! Your right, what day is it? I am so confused! I am still not relaxing as I have over night guests coming for the New Year. I can't wait to relax!!


  3. Ahhh summer hols I just love them!!!! So nice to let the routine slide. Ok back to my book now!! Enjoy Michelle!!

    Christine xx

  4. Thanks for your kind words about my paper mache dear head! Looks like you are one fabulous crafty girl yourself! LOVE that black and white rug! and your studio is coming together so nicely! I will diffenetly check back to see your cool ideas! (we are having a cold spell here in Arizona, it's in the 50's)

  5. Wooot! Love the photo:) And share some of your heat would ya? It's freezing here in Canada!:)))
    Stopped by through Pure and Noble....and glad I did. You have a lovely blog here. Thank you for sharing! ANd the recipe above looks divine!!!


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