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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Book Review: Decorate

I've heard lots of gushing on the blogosphere over the new book Decorate by Holly Becker (from the inspiring blog Decor8) & Joanna Copestick. It has only recently been released and has been on back order at a lot of bookshops because its so popular, so you can imagine my surprise when I spotted it on the shelf in David Jones last week. Being a Bargain Queen and not wanting to pay full price if I can help it I was contemplating whether to get it or not when I saw a sign All Top 20 Books 30% Off which meant this book which retails at $60 I managed to take home for $42. The Bargain Queen strikes again!

Decorate is a compilation of advice, quotes and pictures from well known designers and bloggers. It has delicious glossy pages and is jam packed full of gorgeous pictures and quotes like this one from my main swoon Nate Berkus.

What I like most about this book is that it isn't just a book about beautifully styled and staged rooms but they seem to be actual lived in rooms. It also explains step by step how to achieve each look so you can re-create it in your own home. I especially love the pages on arranging mirrors and frames this is a look I really want to have in my home. There's also a sweet section on arranging flowers which will have me never just popping the whole bunch in a vase again.

This book is a gorgeous read full of inspiring pictures and is a must for any home lovers bookcase.

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  1. Hi Michelle! Now I want this looks really good

  2. that book looks great. i would love it for when i start decorating my own home. thanks for introducing it to us!


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