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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dont Forget The Kitchen Sink!

I have spent much more time and money than I anticipated deciding on the right sink for the kitchen. Luckily a decision has now been made and it has been ordered and delivered just in time for the install next week.
I wanted to be a cheapskate and buy a sink for under $200 whereas Mr P wanted something around $500 that was good quality with a long warranty. It's true we're paying a lot of money for a custom built kitchen with quality products so to put in a cheap sink is probably not the best idea so we've followed through and got ourselves a modern streamline funky ass sink!
Our old sink was almost 2 metres long with a single bowl and drainers on either side. It was one hell of a chunky washing up station.
The new sink we have chosen is a Clark Quatro 1.5 Sink which comes with included accessories a bamboo chopping board, basket waste and stainless steel colander. Who knew sinks have accessories? Not me!
It's 1 metre smaller than what we have now as it has just one drainer because we don't need the extra drainer because we'll have a dishwasher. It has a thin edge which makes it look streamline and 1.5 curved bowls.
Bamboo Chopping Board   Clark Stainless Steel Basket Wastes   Small Stainless Steel Colander
The sink RRPs from Clarks for $649 and we saw it in Bunnings for $614 but we shopped around and bought it online for $440 which was under the $500 budget and a saving of $209.
The plumbing was set up for the new sink weeks ago and when the kitchen cupboards and bench tops are installed next week the sink will be cut out of the bench top. We'll then have the plumber back to connect the plumbing for the sink and dishwasher. Just don't ask me about taps and a dishwasher yet ... we haven't bought those ... but we will ....we have to next week!
Which means I can finally stop washing my dishes in a bucket in the laundry sink! Yay!!
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[1st image my own, 2nd image via Clark]

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  1. My wooden board for my sink warped in about a week, I think they cut it wrong. Check which way the grain runs. xxx

    1. Oh no Rae that really sux I hope they sorted it out for you! I will keep that in mind thanks.

  2. Looks fabbo and yes who would have thought these non decorative items could be such a big decision with such a decent budget. You have done well and I am sure you will feel like a new woman when this kitchen comes together.

  3. Fabulous! And am now on your Facebook page as me as well as DFF.
    Happy Sunday!
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit
    PS I am off to bed for arvo nap to catch up on that sleep I missed last night.


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