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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Avery Product Review - Organising The Herbs + Spices

It's been a year since I unpacked and moved into my shiny new renovated kitchen and some areas now need to be re-organised because they're not really working - starting with the herbs and spices.

I keep my herbs and spices in a drawer by the stove in an assortment of glass jars with labels made from peeling off post-it notes and names being crossed out and rewritten a few times. As you can see it's hard to know what I have and what I need more of and was basically a mess!

So I pulled everything out and got organising with the help of some Avery products!


I needed a way to keep the herbs and spices organised so I could find what I was looking for without pulling out a zillion jars before finding the right one!

Avery sent me some of their home organisation products to try out and while I've used the Avery office range before I didn't realise they did so many different products for the home, like these Martha Stewart labels which are the perfect size for the herb and spice jars (they RRP for $9.95 for a pack of 36 labels).

I peeled off the old labels, cleaned the jars and then re-labelled them using the Martha Stewart kitchen labels and a sharpie pen.

The labels have a nice glossy finish and were really easy to apply. They are removable too which I tried out when I stuck some labels on crooked by mistake, they peeled off easily and could be reapplied. They are also moisture resistant so you can even put them in the fridge.


The lids were a mix match of different brands and colours so I went one step further and painted them red to match the labels.

The red spray paint I already had so it didn't cost me anything, I sprayed on a few coats of paint to get a nice coverage leaving them to dry in between. I only sprayed the top and sides of the lids not the inside as I didn't want the paint smell to get into the jars. Once dry, I wrote the names on the top with a black sharpie so they are easy to read and I can find what I need at a glance.


I'm really happy with how the jars turned out - they look like a new set of jars with their new labels and lids and it was an easy crafternoon project.

Now that I can find what I need cooking will be a whole lot easier .... no more near misses of grabbing the chilli instead of paprika!


The next project I want to tackle with Avery products is the pantry and I'll share with you in the coming weeks.
You can buy the Avery range from most stationary stores like Officeworks and Staples or check the website for a list of suppliers.
How do you organise your herbs and spices?

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Disclosure: Thanks to Avery for providing me with these products for review. I have not received any payment or compensation. As always, all opinions are my own.

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  1. I organized my spices last Spring and it was a fun little project and they continue to stay organized (thankfully). Those labels are the perfect size for spices and I love how you went the extra step and spray painted the lids. I buy spices from 3-4 different places, so they are in several different jars and very few are glass. Yours look great!

    1. The labels are great, theres nothing Martha Stewart cant do!
      I hadn't planned to paint the lids but they look so much better now. Thanks :)

  2. This might be the answer for my spice drawer! Thanks, Michelle

    1. Its a great little spring clean project to tackle Carole :)

  3. Spray painting the lids!!! Genius.

    1. Just a little OTT but I couldn't help myself! :)

  4. The new labels are great, I like the design! I have a vintage kitchen, so I was really happy when I found some cute antique jars while visiting one of my favourite antique shops (I don't know if you also have those small, messed up stores where you can get lost for hours and hours like this, but I think those are the best place to find vintage treasures - at least here, in Vancouver :)). My labels need to be changed as well, I'm just looking for the right vintage DIY idea (or better to say for something between vintage and fresh)...

    1. Yes I love antique shops I could spend hours wondering around in them! Check out the Avery website they might have what you're looking for :)


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