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Monday, September 8, 2014

Jarrah Jungle - A Tour Through Blogland

I have been invited on a tour through blogland by the lovely Carrie of Curly Crafty Mom
Carrie and I have been bloggy buddies for a long time now, ever since I came across her delicious menu planning posts. I always get inspiration from her home DIY and craft projects and love reading about her outings with her two kids and hubby. Be sure to stop by Carrie's blog and say hi!
Carrie has given me some questions to answer so here goes .....
1) What am I working on?
Laundry and Powder Room Renovation
There’s always a project around the house that I’m working on …. Painting, decorating or making sandwiches for Mr P while he does the hard work!
Right now I’m 8 weeks into a laundry and powder room renovation which we completely gutted, ripped everything out and started all over again. Our dream of converting our toilet into a powder room has finally come to fruition which is what I love about renovating – having a vision and then seeing it come to life! 
Still to do in this room is - paint, wallpaper, hang new doors, install shelves in the cupboard, new lights and power!
2) How does my work differ from others in the DIY/Decorating genre?
Painting stripes project on entrance wall
I had many questions I couldn’t find the answers to about renovating an Australian double brick and tile home. So 4 years ago I started my blog to share the experiences of our home improvement projects, the products used and businesses found, in the hope like minded home lovers can learn from our experiences.
Mr P and I are doing up our home on a budget and tackling most of the work ourselves, as first timers we are working it out as we go and I've learnt so much about renovating along the way and figure if I can get my office hands dirty - anyone can!
3) Why do I write what I do?
Australian themed dinner party
I want to share what I've learnt and the experiences and misadventures of doing up my house and turning it into a home. I want readers to see that anyone can turn a house into a home, you don't need to have a lot of money just a love and passion for it!
Sometimes I forget how far we’ve come or get disheartened when a project is taking too long but when I look back through my blog on all we’ve accomplished over the years I feel really proud of what we’ve achieved.
4) How does your writing/creating process work?
Backyard makeover and patio pimping
I blog in the evenings after work and write about 4 posts a week and give myself the weekends off!

If I'm in the middle of a project I"ll share update posts throughout the process as well as a before and after at the end. If I try a new recipe or throw a dinner party I'll make sure I take lots of photos so I can share with my readers too. I also love to read and review books on the blog every week, of books I read for my book club The Tuesday Girls and that I review for NetGalley.
I love to be organised and keep a calender of my blog posts so I can schedule them consistently, I have an ongoing list of ideas I add to whenever a blog post idea comes into head, and I have an even longer list of draft blog posts to be finished! I also proof read a zillion times before I hit the publish button, having a secretary background I'm very careful about my grammar and formatting!
Thank you for having me on this blog tour Carrie and thanks for reading everyone!
Now I get to nominate 2 other bloggers to continue the Tour Through Blogland and they'll be sharing their blog tour on their blogs next Monday so be sure to pop by and say hello .... Without further ado I introduce these fabulous home loving bloggers .....
I'm Natalie, renovator of a 1960's weatherboard home in Melbourne, which I document on my blog. My partner and I have been renovating for 5 years, so clearly we're not in a rush to get this place done, but we're almost at the finish line. I'm always thinking of something to do or change around the house or looking for a DIY project. I like colour but apparently not living with it, as most of my home is black and white...and grey. I'm a TV and magazine addict and servant to 2 cats.
Hi, I'm Megan from Silver Threads of Happiness. I began my blog as a way to connect with like minded people; people who are a bit crafty. If I'm creating I'm happy, whether it be doing some crochet or knitting, some embroidery, the very occasional bit of sewing, baking or even creating new resources to use with my students in my day job as an early childhood teacher.

My blog is a little bit of everything mashed into one - craft, baking, life and lately it has been featuring a bit of home improvements as I get ready to move from the city life of Perth, Western Australia to the rural outback of WA, the land of dirt, heat, not much rain and many, many flies.
Thanks for coming on this tour through blogland!

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[Images via Curly Crafty Mom, In The Night Sky, and Silver Threads Of Happiness 
All other images my own]


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  1. There are a couple big projects we need to do around our home and I would love to be like you and do it ourselves. We would save so much money and learn a lot, too. Time is always an issue with us, too. It was also interesting to read about when you make time to work on blogging and how you keep it all organized. I wish I was better about that... I need to come up with a calendar and I also need to give myself the weekends off from it. Thanks for joining in on this... !!

    1. I hear you, we struggle to find the time as well but then its just the 2 of us to consider I dont think we could do as much renovating as we do if we had kids :) Thanks again for inviting me on the tour Carrie xx

  2. Gosh, you're very organised with your blogging. I am definitely a fly by the seat of my pants sort of girl, in most things really! Thanks for inviting me on the Tour Through Blogland :)

    1. I have found using a monthly calendar and penciling in my blog posts keeps me organised :) So glad you can join in Megan!

  3. I like the variety of your blog and how you take us on different journey's, cooking, renovating, book reviews, product reviews x

  4. Thank you for including me on the Tour through Blogland :) Hopefully my tour is as interesting as yours!

    1. Thanks Natalie, Im sure it will be fabulous just like your blog :)


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