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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Organising The Garage: With Wall Rails + Hooks

As part of our subdivision plans we need to remove our Granny Flat so earlier this year we moved everything out of storage of the Granny Flat and into the garage.

Now we need to organise all that stuff and store it properly ..... a place for everything and everything in it's place!

We started to get organised over the Easter break and assembled two of these heavy duty shelving units along one wall for our camping gear, paint and renovating supplies etc.

The shelving units are perfect for the garage and fit a heap of stuff but we still needed a storage solution for our gardening tools, mops and brooms etc.

We found the StorEase system from Bunnings would suit us best - it has wall rails and different types of hooks and baskets that clip on depending on what you need to hang.

We installed the wall rails on the wall opposite the shelving units so that all the items are stored in one area which leaves all the other walls and garage space free for the cars.

We used 4 wall rails in total - 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom and we joined them up so they look like one long rack. 

Using a level to make sure the rails were straight, Mr P drilled a few holes into the rendered walls, added plugs and then screwed the rails in.

Now for the hooks, this is a really clever set up as you can buy different size and shaped hooks depending on what you want to hang - there are hooks for everything from bikes to fishing rods.

We stuck with the double hooks as they are perfect for the gardening tools and the hooks are big enough that you can hang multiple things on each hook too.

The hooks just slide onto the rail and you can move them around so they fit around other things that are hung.

We fit 4 hooks on each rail but there's room for more - we got 10 hooks to start with and then went back and got 6 more so we used a total of 16 hooks in the end.

As for the cost - the racks were $26 each ($104) and the hooks $10.40 each ($166.40) and so we spent $270 all up.

It was money well spent to have everything neat and tidy and easy to access when we need it.

Best of all everything is now off the floor and out of the way, now I can walk into the garage without having to worry about stepping over everything and knocking things over!

That's another weekend DIY project ticked off the to do list!

How do you keep your garage organised? 

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  1. This looks GREAT! I recently worked on on garage last fall (ain't no way I'm cleaning it out during the hot summer!) and we have a peg board in there that helps us to hang a lot of stuff. I almost think I like the way you did it better, though!! I really like the storage shelves, too.


    1. I would like a peg board as well I think they are great for organising everything :)

  2. Looking good! I love how neat and organised everything is. So ashamed of our messy garage.

  3. What is the recommended height placement of the wall rails?


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