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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Dining Room Before + After With Dulux Paintable Wallpaper

Did you know Dulux has a range of paintable wallpapers?
Wallpaper that you hang and then paint ... how great is that!

Well of course I wanted to try out this paintable wallpaper but the only problem is we have run out of walls to wallpaper in the Jarrah Jungle home!

So I'm helping my lovely friend Mrs Jones who's a fellow first home owner and renovator. Mrs Jones helped me do my wedding flowers and so I was only to happy to lend my DIY skills in return!

That's me Jarrah Jungle preparing to paint + Mrs Jones helping with my wedding flowers!

There are 3 different patterns of Dulux wallpaper available - pinstripe, linen and concrete.

The wallpaper is textured and can be left as it is in a cream colour or painted in any colour you like.

We picked the concrete wallpaper as we really liked the pattern and texture.

Now for the paint colour, we tried a few tester pots of different shades of green paint and went with the braver choice of the darker shade of green - Dulux Green Turquoise.

The paint we used to paint the wallpaper is Dulux Wash and Wear in Low Sheen - the low sheen works best with the pattern and texture of the wallpaper. The texture really comes through when it's painted and is going to look even better when it's hung up on the wall!

Wallpaper is great for covering imperfections on the walls or any surface - just like when we used wallpaper in the laundry to cover an old banged up door and wall and on the hallway cupboard doors.

The texture of the wallpaper not only hides any lumps and bumps on the walls but you don't need to fill, sand or prepare the walls as you do when you're painting - this saved so much time as it's the preparation that takes the longest time when painting.

This is the wall we'll be wallpapering - a feature wall in the dining room.

The concrete wallpaper and green paint are going to be such a great feature in here and will tie in with the wooden dining room table and chairs and cream carpet.

This wallpaper is hung in just 4 steps:

Step 1 - Paste wall 

I mentioned on our last wallpapering project that paste the wall is the best type of wallpaper as it is so much easier to paste the wall than paste the paper.

We mixed up the paste with water and poured it into a roller paint tray and then got to work using the roller to paste onto the walls. The roller makes this part quick and easy, but you can only paste the area you are doing or the paste will dry out.

Step 2 - Hang paper

Never rely on the ceiling or your walls being straight - for the top and bottom we hung with an overlap of wallpaper so it could be trimmed.

We didn't need to line up the pattern on this wallpaper which made it much easier as well and it meant there was no wastage lining up the pattern.

The paper is thicker than normal wallpaper and this made it so much easier to work with - the paper is thicker to allow for it to be painted.

Step 3 - Trim

As mentioned, leave an overlap top and bottom so you can cut a nice sharp line and trim the wallpaper. 

This wall was so easy with just one power point to cut around. To do that you make a cross on the power point and then tuck the paper around the power point tightly and neatly trim around it.

Step 4 - Paint

Once the wallpaper was hung and the paste had dried we were ready to paint it.

You can paint straight away as the paste dries really quickly. We didn't need to undercoat or prime the wallpaper, just paint the colour straight on - as mentioned above we used Dulux Wash and Wear in Low Sheen, Green Turquoise.

The texture of the wallpaper adds warmth and layering to the room. 

It's such a great concept to have textured wallpaper and then to be able to paint it any colour you like.

This paint colour looks a lot darker in the evening and lightens up in the daytime, it's a great colour choice for the wallpaper as it allows the texture to come through.

This is a very forgiving type of wallpaper to hang, it's thick so won't tear easily, plus there's no pattern to match up, so if you're a beginner at wallpapering this is a perfect product to start with.

The wallpaper is reasonably priced and RRPs for $34.95 for a 10.5m x 0.52m roll which makes it more affordable than most printed wallpapers and a great way to update your walls at home.

What room in your home would you love to wallpaper?

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Disclosure: Thanks to Dulux for providing me with this wallpaper and paint products for review. I have not received any payment or compensation. As always, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Wow, what a dramatic difference... I really love the texture it adds! So pretty! The color looks great in her dining room. You are a wonderful friend! :)


  2. Oh my, I LOVE that colour and texture! At first I was like, why would you want to paint wallpaper, but now I've convinced :-) .

    1. I know what you mean Janet! But you could leave it cream coloured if it suited your decor, but the good thing is if you get bored of the colour you can always painted over it again :)

  3. What a great idea! I really like the idea of textured wallpaper and choosing your own colour to paint it is genius.

    1. I know right, very clever idea, so many combinations so little time!

  4. A gorgeous colour you have chosen, it looks lovely in the space. And the idea of painting it any colour you like......LOVE IT!! Thank you for linking up with #HIT

    1. It's a gorgeous shade of green and looks good in both the daylight and at nighttime too :) Thanks for popping by x

  5. This is a great idea! Love the effect and the fact you can paint it any colour. You must be thrilled with the result! I would be. Thanks for linking up with #HIT. Lovely to have you link again. x

    1. I'm really happy with how it turned out :) Thanks Rebecca x


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