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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Craft Room Update: Drawer Organising + Storage

I have renewed enthusiasm to be creative and crafty since getting my Happy Planner which I am using like a scrapbook journal. This in turn has made me tackle my messy un-organised craft room and turn it into a creative space that I want to spend time in and create things.

I shared with you recently a gift wrapping station and greeting card box that I created for my craft room and today I'm sharing another project on tidying and tackling my messy and disheveled craft room drawers with some inexpensive drawer inserts and baskets from Kmart.

This sweet and pretty chest of drawers may look innocent from the outside but on the inside it was hiding a magnitude of sins ...

As you can see the shoe box lids were just not working to hold and organise supplies and I needed some proper drawer inserts and dividers to store everything neatly. So I went to Kmart and stocked up on some drawer inserts and storage baskets and got busy organising everything. 

I pulled the drawers out, emptied them and wiped them clean, lined them with pretty drawer lining paper and then slowly started sorting - you can see here one drawer is being sorted while the other sits in waiting!

I now have one drawer just for my sticker collection - I sorted the stickers into categories (modern, kids, typography, borders, Christmas, planner etc) and placed them into the storage trays. The large sticker sheets I cut to fit which makes it easier to see what I have. 

The other drawer has pretty papers, fabrics and embellishments stored in little baskets and bags keeping them all organised. 

It looks so much better now that I can see what supplies I already have and what I need to stock up on (a girl can never have enough stickers in my opinion!). 

It's going to make using my Happy Planner a lot easier and I've made a few handmade greeting cards so it's already inspired me to be creative with my pretty craft supplies now that I can see what I have.

This little organising project cost me just over $25 but it has made the world of difference to me feeling creative and being organised and inspired!

How do you organise your craft supplies?

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  1. Lucky you to have such well-stocked craft drawers! It always feels that much better when you have the time to organise what was previously a mess, right?!

    1. It has been many years in the making Gabrielle! So much better when it's organised so I can stop buying more craft supplies because I can see what I have :)

  2. I have a couple of drawers that need a good organise. Thanks for the reminder, I might just have to get onto that job pronto.


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