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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Courtyard Garden Update: Outdoor Furniture

I had visions of how I wanted to design our courtyard garden with a beautiful lounge setting, outdoor rug, bar cart .... all I needed was a cabana boy and the fantasy would have been perfect!

But the reality is with our courtyard being open to all the elements, whilst it has a shade sail this is made from a fabric which lets the sunlight the rain through so it's not as protected as say a solid roofed patio area would be.

Plus it is at the front of the house and people walking past or cars driving by can see in so I didn't want to go too over the top with flashy furniture and decor out here - I'll save that for the backyard and deck area which will be completely private and with a patio roof so protected from the elements as well.

So I had to be sensible about the type of furniture and decor I picked for the courtyard.

I picked these acapulco chairs for a few reasons - they are modern and add a splash of colour and there is no fabric on the chairs so they won't get damaged in the rain and weather (a few outdoor cushions adds a bit of colour and I picked them up for $6 each so if they don't last I won't be too worried!).

The chairs were a bargain from Kmart - I got the blue chairs about 2 years ago for around $30 each and the black double chairs on sale for $29 each.

Once we had sealed the courtyard pavers to protect them and the shade sail was installed it was time for the fun part of setting up the outdoor furniture.

The chairs are really lightweight and so easy to move around so I set this up one weekend while Mr P was busy helping a friend. The ceramic stool is a perfect little side table and I found it at Bunnings on sale for $10 - I have 3 more ceramic stools in the house in different colours which I may bring outside as well.

We have been sitting out here in the late afternoon after work enjoying the last of the suns rays and watching the sunset.

I'm still on the look out for some nice feature pots and plants to add some greenery and the veggie and herb gardens need some more plants and TLC as well and then the courtyard garden is pretty much finished.

What style of outdoor furniture do you love .... lounges, chairs, a hammock, something else? 

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  1. Super cute furniture, I really like that teal chair! You will have so much fun picking out pots, etc. I got a cute oversized fern and it really filled in some space on our patio this summer and made a great backdrop for photoshoots I did outside of crafts and stuff. lol!


    1. Yes I can't wait to add some pot plants and plants it really needs some more plants out there. Your fern sounds nice, photos always look better styled in front of some greenery don't they!


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