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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Travelling Musings

I love to travel and after just getting back from a trip overseas and still feeling exhilarated, then coming across this inspiring post at the gorgeous The Bottom of the Ironing Basket today, it has made me want to share my own thoughts on travelling.

I swear by the motto The World Is A Book And Those That Don’t Travel Read Only A Page

Thanks to my parents who took my brother and I around the world for 6 months when I was the impressionable age of 18 I got a taste for travelling that I may not have otherwise taken an interest in.

Although I couldn’t even drink in some countries (not that it stopped me!) I was old enough to catch the travelling bug and knew that if I wanted to go back to the places I loved and explore new places I’d have to work hard, save harder and then just DO IT!

Years after that trip I picked up the book 1000 Places To See Before You Die and decided then and there to make my list and plan a trip each year some big overseas and some small interstate, solo and with friends, anything just to pack my bag and go off on an adventure.

Travelling is so exhilarating and some of my best travel memories are:-

Spending New Years in a different country
Being in Rio de Janeiro for Carnival
Driving thousands of miles across Australia
Eating seafood daily in Tasmania. 
Living a childhood dream and visiting theme parks with my brother in Queensland. 
Cruising the seas on cruise ships being treated to 5 star luxury 24/7. 
Indulging in fresh figs every morning in Ibiza picked fresh from the tree. 

What are your best memories from travelling?

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[Images via Angelo Cavalli and Flickr]

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Monday, September 27, 2010

September in Spain

Ola! I'm back from a trip overseas we're Peter and I spent 3 exciting weeks jetting about and seeing the sights of Madrid, Ibiza, Barcelona and Amsterdam. I love to see the world and how different each country is and how the people live. Spent the most time in Ibiza as I was there for my dear friends wedding. A group of us stayed in a big 2 storey white stone villa in the countryside of Sant Carlos. I loved the look of the white walls, potted succulent and cactus gardens against the contrasting red stoned earth. I plan to bring a bit of the holiday home with us and put some of the Spanish design into our own house and garden.

This is the outside oven which we fired up and made pizzas

The villa at the back, outside oven to the right and laundry to the left

Had an amazing time but in the words of Dorothy there's no place like home and it's so good to be back in Aussie Land. Now to catch up on some blog reading, hope everyone is well and happy. Pin It Now!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Sneak Peak At Craft Room / Study

The furniture is in, the paperwork organised and filed away, the wrapping station is set up, the drawers are sorted with papers and crafty bits and bobs. Yes the Craft Room/Study is coming together nicely.

Here's a sneak peak at setting up the latest room ....

These baskets I scored at a market for $2 and the frame 50c and blasted it with 2 cans of sunny yellow to bring the feature colour into the room.

The white furniture we already had and just changed the handles to those we salvaged from the old wardrobe we ripped out in the Master Bedroom. Updating handles makes such a difference doesn't it?

I still need to find some funky storage boxes so it doesn't look so mitchy matchy, a hardy rug to protect those gorgeous floorboards and a big sturly bookcase then I'll be all moved in.

What do you think?
Do you like the pops of yellow?

[All images my own]
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