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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Recipe: Raspberry Vodka and Lime Rum Jelly Shots

You must know me by now with my Bloody Mary Oyster Shots and Copacabana Party Punch that I like to get a party started with a decent party drink!

I went to a friends Christmas in July party last weekend and made these jelly shots in Christmas colours red and green and they sure did liven up the crowd!

These jelly shots are ridiculously easy to make and the cost was about $15 to make 40 shots - in a bar that would get you maybe 2 shots so that's pretty good value really!

Jelly Shots
Makes 40


85g packet of Aeroplane Jelly x 2 - whatever flavour you like
250ml x 2 of boiling water
100ml x 2 of cold water
100ml x 2 of alcohol of your choice - rum / vodka / etc
Cooking spray - optional
Plastic shot glasses - I found mine in a Discount Store $2.50 for a pack of 20


Lay out the shot glasses and spray with cooking oil - this is optional but stops the jelly from sticking so they slide out easily. I made half using the spray and half without - the spray made no taste difference although I should've sprayed them more as some still stuck so you had to stick your tongue in there and dig the jelly out!

Spraying the oil does get a little greasy so best not to do it on the tray you're going to use. Once sprayed arrange them onto a tray that fits in your fridge and you want to serve them on.

Empty jelly packet mix into a bowl and add 250ml of boiling water and stir well until dissolved.

Then add 200ml of the cold water / alcohol mix and stir in - For the Raspberry Vodka I did a half and half mix so 100ml of water and 100ml of vodka. For the other batch Lime Rum I made stronger with 80ml of water and 120ml of rum. Both set the same but the rum ones did taste stronger.

Pour the mix into a jug and then pour into each cup and fill almost to the top

Put the tray of jelly shots into the fridge and leave to set for at least 4 hours or overnight if you can (don't mind my wine fridge there is some food in the fridge amongst the alcohol!)

Admire your little cups of fun and once they are set they are ready for the party people to consume.
It's like being a kid again, trust me everyone will love them!

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  1. I love jelly shots!!

  2. I was just talking about these with my Dad the other night. He suggested having them for his 60th party! We were trying to work out how the alcohol potency doesn't get removed by the boiling water but I guess you just add the cold water first and then the alcohol? I've never made them before. (And will definitely not be making them for Dad's 60th either, can you imagine?!)

    1. You totally have to make these for your Dads Birthday he will absolutely love them and so will everyone else they're good fun! You can put as little or as much alcohol as you like in them. You mix the jelly crystals and boiling water together well it took me a few minutes and by then the water wasnt boiling anymore just hot, then added the cold water and alcohol to the mix. Trust me the alcohol potency didnt get removed :)

  3. I have found a product called Jelobah which sets in about 5 minutes its not cheap but sets straight away and you can use it with any spirit or mix each pack makes about 20 shots

    1. Thanks Duncan will have to keep my eyes out for that!

  4. How many gram of jelly powder.

  5. Wow where did you find vodka for $15 in Australia?!

    1. Now that would be a bargain for the whole bottle!
      I only used 100ml of vodka and 100ml of rum so thats about a seventh of a bottle, that's how I worked out the total cost for all ingredients to be $15 :)


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