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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Can you spot the difference?

I fell in love lust with Jorge Zuazo's stunning fabric print of bodies intertwined.

I thought they'd make cheeky curtains or coushins, but then at $150 a metre clearly I was delusional!

Until I spotted Target's contemporary range of bed linen. I scored a king set of Picasso for $44 (reduced from $109). It's not quite as risque as Jorge's, but seriously can you spot the difference?

Designer fabric     
Target bedspread 

[Image 1 via Trestintas and 2nd my own]
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The timber blinds from Textile Traders (wait for their 40% off sales) we hung through the house look a zillion times better than the old blue verticals. But in the bedroom the sunlight still manages to stream in so it's time to soften the look with some curtains, shame to cover up the timber but I need my sleepins! So we headed to trusty TT and looked longingly at the big shiny curtain rods and then gaped at the $80 price. The sales person asked if she could help so I asked for a discount if we bought 2, and she was happy to offer 20% off plus she had one out the back we could have for $10 as it was missing brackets. So what should have cost $160 we scored for just $70 (less than half price) I love a good bargain :o)

Now to find some curtains ... I can't decide between grey, white or black hmmmmmmmm.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

The Blog Begins

I never imagined I’d be a blogger, but here I am, tapping away unstoppably. Probably helps I’m a legal secretary with a typing speed of 70 wpm. I love to type, I love to talk, so I’m giving the blogger world a red hot go. Now I’ve got something to blog about … the Jarrah Jungle Renovations.

Nine months ago in September 2009 we moved into our new old home. That’s been enough time for us to completely redo two bedrooms, have plans drawn up for an outside extension, and have a wish list as long as Santa’s naughty kid list. I’ll be sharing the changes we make, the awesome deals we score (and where to get them) and my musings as a wannabe house designer. So stay tuned, visit again, and be patient it’s my first time :o)

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