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Sunday, July 11, 2010


There's so many stunning gift cards out there, shame to keep them hidden away in a drawer when you can put them in a frame and turn them into inexpensive art. Another idea I'm keen on is using an old calendar that way you can have a set of pictures to group together. Back to the card idea ... a while ago I bought some gift cards at Unwrapped, they're illustrations by local artist Ali J - I got one of a girl who got her freckles from a flower (anyone who knows me will know why!) and another of a girl with balloons that looked good to pair with it. Oh and they're redheads. Now for the frames. I hunted EVERYWHERE for some dramatic frames to really show off the cards and finally found some at good ole Kmart. The frames were starkly white so I decided to paint the outside so they really popped on the wall and left the inside white to frame the card. I mixed together some left over paints until I got a colour I liked (the main was orange from a Halloween pumpkin painting attempt gone wrong and a few of the tester pots of grey). 

From this ...

I made this ....


Just the thing for our freshly painted hallway .... don't you think?

Cost breakdown:
Frames, Kmart    $24
Art cards, Ali J    $8
Paint (already had)    $0
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