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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tops Takeover

This week I finally finished unpacked the rest of my clothes which were 2 big boxes of slinky malinky tops. I should see it as a sign I can live without them but most I couldn't bear to part with until I've worn them at least one more time. Felt like I'd been on a shopping spree without spending a cent! So tell me are 3 drawers of tops too many? Lets do the math the piles are 2 deep, 4 across and about 7 high which means 24 piles per drawer times 3 drawers makes about 168 slinky malinky tops. When I see it like that damn that's a lot of fabric!

Ok so maybe I have a few more than just those drawers. Guess I should count what's in the wardrobe too. I have 2 hanging racks totalling 1400mm, top racks for long sleeve tops and bottom is skirts and jackets.

Plus the odd jacket (maybe a dozen) in the wardrobe in the spare bedroom. But thats it I swear. Clearly my upperbody is well and truly covered. Do your tops dominate your wardrobe as much as mine? 
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