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Friday, September 7, 2012

Fridays Letters - Dear Retail Therapy

Happy Friday everyone! Adventures of Newlyweds are still having a break from the Fridays Letters link up but I'm writing my letters anyway as I like to have a weekly vent!
I'm imagining I'm writing this weeks letters from this quaint writing nook on that old antique typewriter while sipping on a cup of sweet tea.
Dear Retail Therapy - 3 dresses a belt and earrings from one store on my lunch break had me smiling the whole way back to the office. Nothing beats the rush of retail therapy!
Dear Suitcase - You are out and ready to be packed. I've got my packing list and have started getting out my clothes and accessories. I get so excited packing to go on holidays!
Dear Car - You are getting a new bonnet and door today, I'm out of pocket $550 because of some little punk but at least insurance is paying the rest.

Dear Car Battery - You not starting had me shit scared stranded in a deserted car park late at night and I had to wait over an hour to be rescued by the RAC. I felt like a sitting duck doors locked looking every which way for my rescuer. I'm just thankful that I was kept safe and got home eventually!
Dear Hayfever - The start of Spring this week has given me red eyes and a runny nose .... No people I haven't been partying all night it's hayfever!
Dear Cousin's Birthday - I'll be dressing up as the Birthday boy tonight in a flanno singlet and jeans to celebrate my cousin's 50th ... can't wait to see the look on this face when he realises we have all come dressed like him!
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  1. Hehe, love the idea of everyone turning up dressed as the birthday boy!

    You poor thing with the car issues x 2. :-(
    Glad it's all fixed now though.

  2. Oh girl sometimes a little lunch break retail therapy does a girl good! REAL good! :) I hate hate hate care problems, they stress me out so bad! I'm currently waiting to find out if mine is totaled after a little wreck I had last weekend. BOO!
    Happy weekend!

  3. Such a cool idea for a costume party!


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