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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Holiday Planning and Packing

I'm heading off on my cruise holiday on Friday to cruise around the South Pacific islands for 10 glorious days of cocktails and sunshine and wanted to share with you my holiday planning and packing regime.

I learnt the hard way on how to pack a suitcase when I was 18 I went on a 6 month holiday and thought I could fill every last inch of space in the largest suitcase known to man BUT it meant I had to lug that thing from airport to trains and in the end it weighed half my body weight and was impossible to lift by myself.

There were things in there I only wore a few times and it was not worth me bringing them. I had to buy a trunk for all the goodies I bought on my travels to ship that home from the UK to Australia which took months to arrive.

Lessons learnt: Pack less means you can bring home more!

So after that youthful experience I now plan what I want to take from the tops and bottoms all the way down to the jewellery and shoes. I make a list of where I'll be and what I'll wear both day and night and then I can decide if the outfits I've picked are going to work together - what tops go with what bottoms, how many times I'll wear the shoes, etc so I get the most wears out of each outfit.

The idea is to take as little clothes that make a variety of outfits so I have plenty of room in my suitcase to bring home goodies. I find dresses are the best because you don't need to work out a top and bottom and you can wear them different ways by changing your shoes and accessories.

About a week before I travel I get the suitcase out and get out all my clothes on the list. I'll try things on to make sure they go and to make sure I'm going to wear them (if I never wear them at home the chances are I'm not going to wear them on holiday so they may as well go to the op shop!)

Then I scrutinise and if there's items I'll only wear once or that only go with one thing then it'll go in the ''íf there's room pile''. Once I have my outfits decided I'll put them in the suitcase and see how much space I have left - I like to have 1/3 empty space. If I have that then I'll put the "íf there's room pile'' in but if there's not I won't!

Domestic travel usually allows you 20kg and the cruise allows 32kg. My case currently weighs 13kg ... that's 7kgs of souvenirs and gifts that I know I can fit into my case and still fly with no trouble.

So that's how I pack for a holiday a bit of pre planning and organising works for me!

Do you have any travel packing tips?

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  1. This is such a great post! Very useful tips! I actually have a big problem when it comes to packing, I tend to overpack but in the coming two months I shall be travelling twice and I have done a resolution hehe, and this is exactly how I am planning to pack. So thanks for your tips :)

  2. Good tips! Rolling your clothes neatly also saves room for more clothes or goodies you buy on the trip.

  3. The good thing about traveling in the summer time/ when it's warm.... light, thin dresses!

    I can't believe your trip is SO close!! I would be bouncing off the walls right bout now haha

  4. I agree that less is more. I will plan to wear things twice rather than only once bedore washing - that halves your load. Also i take as few shoes as possible - they take up too much room and are too heavy. If I am expecting to shop while I am away I will either put another bag inside my bag or if I am going somewhere where I am visiting friends/family I pack quite bulky type presents for them which leaves that space on the way home.

    Have a super time on the cruise.

  5. Wow, that sounds SO organised! I suck at packing. No advice here! Have a FANTASTIC time, you deserve it. Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back x


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