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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Roof And Its Restoration

Since my last exterior transformation post the roof has had a full restoration and looks fantastic. Here's some flashbacks in before photos to show what we've done

new roof construction could be built
New gutters, facias and downpipes were installed
Putting the tiles back on

Then the roof was ready for a full restoration
We picked the roof colour - charcoal (far left tile)
We booked in the roof restoration guys 10 weeks beforehand
It was a 4 day job for them
They replaced all the cracked tiles, all the ridge capping was re bedded (with cement) and pointing (with flexible cement) and new valleys were put in

They pressure cleaned all the tiles
(and discovered our new down pipes weren't draining the water so
refitted them into place for us)
Then it was ready for painting - an undercoat and 3 coats of charcoal
After all painted and restored
The house looks so different with the roof done, it really is worth the money I think and we know the roof is strong and sound for many years to come.
Next thing I will show you is the garage door fitted and then this epic garage extension is now finished!
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[All images my own]
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  1. Hi Michelle,

    Your new roof looks fantastic!!!


  2. Looks great, love the charcoal colour!

  3. Hooray! Looks awesome! Our slab just went down this morning - we're going to pop open a bottle of bubbly tonight to celebrate!

  4. Wow! What an amazing transformation. Bet you are one happy camper!

  5. OH WOW!! If I was your neighbour, I'd probably be hanging out the front, admiring it all! haha.

    Re: Landscaping, what do most neighbours have? big gates/ locked in front yards or out in the open?

  6. Amazing Michelle. It looks awesome doesn't it!!

  7. Oh my gosh it looks amazing! No wonder you are so pleased with the finished result. Looking forward to the next post with the garage door and not long now til holiday too! I see you've been pinning away on Pinterest with last minute cruise fashion :)

  8. Amazing transformation. I bet you are both over the moon!

  9. Wow! That’s a lot of hard work. I enjoyed looking at every detail of the installation process, Michelle. The crew seems to be hands on with their work, which is nice. Your new roof looks flawless and the color is striking. I bet your roof is going to last for a very long time.

    Sierra Nordgren

  10. Thanks so much everyone lots of work but well worth it :)
    Anya - my street is a mix most have no fence or gates, some have a small brick fence and only a handful have a timber/brick fence like we want :) The reason we are putting in the front fence is to create a courtyard at the front because if we subdivide the land at the back they wont have a backyard so the front courtyard will be their outdoor area.

  11. Hello there! So fun to discover your blog all the way over here in London. Your new roof looks great, so smart! Cheers! Will

  12. The new roof looks nice!!! PS. I'd love it if you could visit my blog and follow me if you like it!! :)


  13. What a big job it has been for you. The roof restoration seems to have been very successful - we have cedar shingles and I shudder to think what would be involved in restoring them! Have a great week.

  14. Kudos on the roof. To make it last longer, make sure to inspect it for signs of insect infestation, if you live in an area prone to termites and carpenter ants. See to it that you look for rotten areas, shredded wood, or sawdust. Be sure to hire someone to come in once a year to inspect your roof and have it maintained.

  15. I like the new color of the roof! Blue really gave the house a new look. Having a roof restoration can be hard, but it is good that yours only needed 4 days to finish. The roofing contractor you hired certainly did an amazing job. And they even fixed the down pipes for you! I hope your roof would be able to last for a long time.

  16. “The house looks so different with the roof done”--- Yes, your newly restored roof gave your house a fresh, new look! Though, a little touch up here and there would really make your home more beautiful. I hope you’re satisfied with the results. You know, as I look at the last picture, I can say that all your efforts in restoring your roof were worth it!

  17. The roof looks great! I agree with Mr. Boughner. To add my two cents: it would be best to always keep your gutters clean of leaves, especially in the fall season. Leaves can clog up your gutters and aid in the accumulation of dirt and other debris that may jeopardize the structural integrity of your roof.

    Noreen Weigle

  18. I agree with everyone that the roof looks great! You really nailed it with the blue color. Be sure to carry out regular maintenance on it and to patch up small damage before anything becomes any bigger and worse. If some get blown off, replace them immediately since that might compromise the whole thing entirely.

    Willie Norman

  19. Nice choice of roof color! It will make the inevitable dirt and stains on your roof inconspicuous. Also, make it a point to schedule your maintenance to keep your roof in good condition always. Also, it would help if you discover any possible damage early on, so you can address it promptly and avoid further damage and costly repairs.

    Vernie Herr

  20. I know its been a while now but would you mind giving me a rough idea of the cost of your roof restoration. Thank you

    1. Hi, yes to pressure clean, replace all broken tiles and ridge capping (which we supplied) and repaint cost $5000. We are really happy with the job it still looks brand new 3 years on!


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