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Monday, November 12, 2012

Sunday Gardening

What do you do when you get a call from friends offering a ute load of mulch for the garden?
Cancel your Sunday plans and spend it gardening instead!

It was perfect gardening weather high 20s and sunshine

We drove around and filled the ute with mulch
We were given these Frangipani cuttings a few weeks ago which have started to sprout and hopefully we'll get a few survivors - although it looks a bit like a graveyard like this I find them a bit spooky when they're not in flower!
Before the neglected Back Fence Garden with the Dietes that refuse to die!
They're super tough plants don't need much water or fuss

Weeded and ready to lay mulch on the Dietes and Frangipanis on the far right

We dug up and transplanted a few Dietes from the front of the house to fill in this
garden bed a bit more ... these plants love to be split and replanted!
Mulched and a few limestone blocks to make up a garden border
The Around The Tree Garden also got a weed and mulch
The flowers in this garden have stopped blooming since my Spring post last month

After the mulch and limestone blocks make the garden look a lot more manicured
Not bad for a few hours work and not a cent spent!
The lawn is not growing well on the left hand side we think its the nuts that drop from the gum tree, and probably because its in the shade too. It really sucks after we spent so much time laying it, I wish it would grow lush and green!
I also weeded the vegetable and herb garden beds, pulling out the old plants that have gone to seed and will plant some cherry tomatoes and basil in the coming weeks to get ready for the Summer harvest!

[All images my own]

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  1. Great weather for the garden this last weekend. What a difference some sweat and new mulch makes! Yes, I think its time I planted some basil and tomatoes too!

  2. Now, that was a day well spent, don't you think?
    Thanks for visiting me:)

  3. I am super jealous, since we are in fall and slowly slipping into winter here in the the US. It is freezing out! If only I could fast forward to Spring!


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