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Friday, August 22, 2014

Laundry and Powder Room Reno - Tiling Is Complete

There's been huge progress this week in the laundry renovation with the last of the tiling being done - the gorgeous 15x60 white gloss kick tile that we got in the same length as the 30x60 grey floor tiles have been laid.
The tilers matched up all the grout lines of the kick tile with the floor tile and laid them around the toilet to seal it in, and all the spaces within the laundry and powder room. It's really finished it off and looks great.
As for the splash back tile, I have to say it looks even better than I expected! For the laundry splash back we used 30x60 white gloss tiles that were leftover from the walls in the bathroom renovation and did a stripe of those top and bottom and then a feature mosaic in the centre.
I didn't want just a small stripe of mosaic, I like my stripes to be wide and noticeable and just love how the tiles contrast against the wood bench top too. We used white grout on this side so that the white tiles and mosaics blended together. In our bathroom we did a similar feature and used a mixture of white and grey grout.
Now for the toilet which we converted into a powder room with a vanity and basin, we decided to be brave in here and make a feature of the fact that we converted this into a powder room by highlighting the vanity. We have run the mosaics from the vanity all the way to the ceiling on both sides of the wall - they make a real statement too!
We used grey grout for here for a point of difference and also because we didn't have enough white grout! We were worried that the mosaic would look too dark with a grey grout but it has lightened as it's dried and I think it makes both of the mosaic designs a bit different to each other so they're not so matchy matchy!
I'm really impressed with the mosaics at $16.50 a sheet, so the splash back tiles cost $280.50 all up for both the laundry and powder room splash back. Of course labour is on top of that, I'll do a proper cost rundown on the laundry renovation once it's all finished. For the impact the splash back makes in the room, it was well worth the price.
This weekend we can put the finishing touches on the room and PAINT! I can't wait to crack open the new paint colour from Dulux who have kindly provided the paint for this project.
Next weekend the plumber is coming to finish and hook up the laundry sink, tap and shiny new front loader washing machine.
We are on the home stretch now!
What do you think of the splash back tiles?
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  1. Ooh! It's looking good. We just installed a new toilet and now have to think about the flooring... fun and games. xx

    1. There are so many decisions to make arent there. Once you decide on a colour pallette you will be ok!

  2. It looks SO good!! Love the tile and the coloring!

    1. Thanks Carrie Im really happy with how its all come together :)

  3. It looks great Michelle. You must be so happy with it! :)

  4. It looks wonderful! Isn't it amazing what a little change like that can make for a room? Beautiful.

    1. Such a huge statement and change, never underestimate the power of the splashback! Thanks for stopping by :)


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