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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Laundry Renovation - Flat Pack Cabinet Assembly And Installation

After a lot of planning we picked out the flat pack cabinets and accessories for our laundry renovation and then it was the fun part - assembling them and installation.
In all honesty, this is what you pay more money for when choosing flat packs Vs a cabinet maker - for someone elses time to put it all together and install because the carcases of the cabinets are pretty much made from the same materials.

The base and wall cabinets went together quickly without any problems but the drawer for the pull out caddy took a bit longer to work out.
So just how much time did it take to put these flat packs together?
Our flat packs for the laundry
4 hours
To do: 1 base cabinet, 1 drawer base cabinet and 2 wall cabinets
Base cabinet and drawer cabinet assembled
Upper head cabinets assembled
Now to get these babies in place and installed in the laundry. Starting with the base cupboards we worked from the corner and installed the drawer cabinet and base cabinet, made sure they were level, then screwed into the wall.
Instead of buying another side panel to go against the drawer cabinet up against the wall which you wouldn't even see, we cut off a piece from the kick panel and used that. It fit perfectly and saved us $90.
Base cabinet, drawer cabinet and end panel made from kick panel in place
Next was to install the other end panel and fit the bench top (I will do a separate post about our $99 bench transformation). 
Mr P spent hours making supports using the left over kick panel so there was more than just the end panel holding up the bench top for extra strength - but we realised the supports wouldn't fit due to the height of the washing machine. So in the end we used some simple metal brackets, which fit perfectly and took up less space than the kick panel turned brackets.
Take my advice .... always measure your appliances first so you don't waste your time!
We also had a delay with the end panel as it was bent when we unwrapped it. Thankfully it was an easy exchange at the store for another side panel. Once the side panel was installed all the base flat packs were officially in!
Second time lucky just making sure this panel was straight!
Now onto the upper head cabinets .... we worked out the right height (not too high so I can reach the shelves easily!) and then attached a level piece of wood to the wall to act as a guide for placing the cabinets above and it also took some of the weight off me trying to hold them up for Mr P to screw them into place.
Working out the heights first
Attaching a piece of wood to act as a guide
Drilling out a hole in the cupboard for the air conditioner tap to come out the wall
A perfect fit - that's why you measure a dozen times just to be sure!
A plug and a screw and drill straight through the cabinet into the brick to secure to the wall
Fitting the end panel
Fitting the other end panel and making sure all the cabinets were square and lined up
Upper head cupboards in and doors attached
All the flat packs, bench top and trough are in
We will put the handles on later and remove all the protective film once we've finished working in here - no the cabinets aren't blue, they're a gorgeous glossy white!
Now we can get our tiler back to do the splash back tile behind the laundry bench and powder room vanity, and to finish the kick tile as well.
We then need to paint, paint and paint some more and I'm really excited to be partnering with Dulux for a painting project again!
After a few weeks delay things are back on track with the laundry renovation .....If you want to see our progress to date check out these posts:

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  1. It looks like it is coming right along, you all are amazing me with the progress!

  2. Looks great so far, really coming along. Looking forward to seeing the end result!


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