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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Exterior Updates - Preparing The Bricks For Render

The whole exterior of our house has now been rendered and holy moly what an impact a bit of plaster can make!

But before I show you the juicy after shots, here is the before post and the work we had to do to get the exterior bricks ready to be rendered.

The back of the house couldn't be rendered until we had finished renovating the laundry because we had to change and move all the plumbing and pipes from the wall which ran down the back of the house. We also cut out a window and installed french doors which made a mess of the brick work too.

To get the back ready to be rendered we had to remove everything from the bricks - down pipes, air conditioning pipes, and the old wooden bridge that takes you from the house into the granny flat.

We were lucky that underneath the old bridge was the original steps into the house so we can use them to get in and out until we build the deck. 

We kept the bridge attached to the granny flat so that we still have access to it. It's a little tricky to get in and out of the house at the moment, but luckily Lexi has learnt to jump from the bridge onto the steps into the house ..... A trail of black dirt also comes in with us but that's all part of the fun of renovating!

We used a power saw to cut off the bricks around the window ledges and make grooves in them so that the plaster will stick, it makes it easier for the renderer to get clean square lines around the windows too.

The side of the house is way too high to reach with a ladder and we needed to hire a scaffold for the renderer to reach the high points of the house and so we could finish cutting off the window ledges. 

The side of the house is about 4+ metres off the ground, great views from up there but not so good if you're afraid of heights! 

Once all that work was done, we gave the bricks a quick hose off to wash all the dust and dirt off them and they were then ready for the renderer to come and work his magic.

Since picking up the sledge hammer we have made huge progress outside in the last few weeks, our vision is coming to life and it's a great feeling!

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  1. I have a fear of heights, so I would be terrified. Love how Lexi just watches all your busy work!! So cute.

    1. I was terrified too Carrie but just had to man up and get on with it haha. She likes to be involved she might miss out on something :)


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