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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Laundry Renovation - How To Wallpaper A Door And Wall

After much debate on wallpapers for the laundry I finally picked out this wood wash wallpaper a few months ago after nabbing it for less than half price at Masters - if you keep an eye on the catalogue sales they do have them on promotion from time to time.

We wanted to wallpaper the wall and the door that leads from the laundry into the garage, the shoppers entry if you like.

The door was old, knocked, marked, battered and had seen better days and while replacing all the doors within the house is on the to do list, this door was going to be too expensive due to it's custom size, so we decided to wallpaper it instead. 

We cleaned the door and the wall with sugar soap and filled any bumps and dents with filler as best we could. It's important to have clean and well prepped surface before you start wallpapering as marks may show through depending on the type of wallpaper you get.

This wallpaper was textured and quite thick and hid a magnitude of sins as you will see from the before/after photo above!

We removed the door handle, light cover, etc so that it was a clear surface to work from and made it easier to cut the wallpaper around it. We need to fit a new door handle but for the moment we're using the dead bolt to lock and unlock the door oh the joys of renovating!

We measured each strip of wallpaper from the ceiling to the ground and using a level drew a straight line on the walls.

Walls are never truly square so don't rely on measurements or you'll end up with crooked wallpaper - always use a level to get a straight line.

We cut each strip of wallpaper to size allowing a bit of an overhang for cutting and set them aside until we were ready. 

We mixed up the wallpaper paste and water in a bucket and then poured it into a paint tray so we could use both a roller and a paint brush to apply the paste to the wall.

We have used both the paste the paper and paste the wall now and I think paste the wall is a lot easier  to use, mainly because with the pasting the paper it tends to get tacky and get stuck together, but then maybe that's just me!

Paste ready and wallpaper cut, we started in the top corner and worked our way across.

The beauty of this wallpaper is the pattern doesn't have to match up so you can hang it in any order which made it much easier to just cut and hang without matching patterns. You don't waste any paper this way either which is another bonus.

Leave an overlap on the top and the bottom so you can cut the paper using a sharp knife, we just used a cheap blade knife and changed the blades to make sure it was sharp and cutting well.

Mr P did such a great job cutting around the door frame I was so impressed!

It's really important to take your time when wallpapering and don't rush, smooth out any bumps and air bubbles as you work your way from the top to the bottom. Do one sheet at a time, it took us about 1 hour per sheet so about 3 hours for this project.

I really like how the wood look wallpaper ties in with the wooden bench top we made and the jarrah floorboards that run throughout the house.

My only disappointment is I meant to hang it horizontally so it was more of a paneled wall, but I forgot about this until we were onto the last sheet!

I do like how hanging it vertically makes the wall appear larger and the ceiling taller and it also follows the line of the door frame which is good.

If you're wondering how well a wallpapered door will wear, our wallpapered hallway cupboard doors which we did about 5 years ago have worn really well so it's worth considering if you have an old door you want to change and cover up. 

It cost us about $40 to wallpaper whereas replacing the whole door would have cost about $200.

This laundry renovation is really coming along now, the last thing for us to do is storage - we need to find and install shelving in the built in cupboard and then we can unpack everything in here and also in our flat pack cabinets

Now I have the wallpapering bug again ...... what can I wallpaper next!

Other than a wall, what have you wallpapered?

 photo F0F68C01A59FABD46732FC15E1D8816D_zpsc6047f2f.png

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  1. Oh, this wallpaper is so neat! Love the end result and it really does flow with the rest of the house so nicely... how are you guys finding time to do all of these household projects AND wedding plan?! ;) Just kidding!!

  2. That is such a neat and new addition!! I love the look of the wood too! Thanks for sharing at Motivational Monday Link Party.

    Bethany from The Southern Couture


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