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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

DIY Bride: Bridal Party Invitations

I've tackled some wedding related creative projects lately that I wanted to share with you.

I used some of the leftover invitations and labels I had from previous projects I've done with Avery products. They have a huge range of products for everything to keep your home organised to a celebrations range which I'm loving right now as you can tell!

Coming up with ideas to use the products in a different way has been easy because there are so many uses for them, they are all very versatile all you need is a computer, printer and ideas and you can create anything!

These creative projects involved the bridal party and asking them to be a part of our special day and also the wedding rehearsal invitations.

There are so many amazing ideas on Pinterest it has provided so much inspiration for the wedding, I got most of the ideas off Pinterest and then personalised them to suit our bridal party ..... 

Bridesmaid Bottle Invitations

I took the girls out for dinner and drinks and asked them to be in my bridal party but I also wanted to give them something special as a memento to remember being a part of the wedding.

For my girls it had to be said with a bottle of bubbles! I got a nice bottle of sparkling wine, soaked it in water in the kitchen sink until the labels came off, and then attached my own personal labels.

For the labels I used arched labels that were leftover from when I organised the pantry.

I designed them online on the Avery design and print section of the website using one of their templates and typed up my own poem for each of the girls. Once I was happy with them I printed them out on my colour printer.

I designed and printed two labels for each bottle - A larger one for the front with a poem and then a small one for the back with the wedding date.

A pretty ribbon around the bottle and they were ready to be handed out!

Groomsman Cigar Invitations

For the lads, Mr P took the lads to the pub for beers and pizza and asked for their services (literally!)

The momento for the lads had to be simple and masculine and for these I made a cigar invitation using some leftover Avery invitations.

I found out afterwards that cigars are also used when someone has a baby but in this instance it was definitely for a bridal party invitation - I can assure you!

I went to an awesome cigar shop in town and got a small cigar to fit the invitation. They also provided a special bag to keep them in so the cigars stay fresh and in good condition.

I designed these online on the Avery design and print section of the website using a template with a simple border and a few words and then printed them out in black and white. 

I attached the cigar to the centre of the invitation with some double sided tape taking care not to damage the cigar and put the invites in the special bag so the lads can keep them fresh until they smoke them.

Wedding Rehearsal Invitation

The wedding rehearsal invitation was a really sweet little project that took just a few minutes to do.

Again I used the Avery invitations for this. I found the poem on Pinterest for the rehearsal and think the words are just adorable! I edited them to suit our times and places of course and typed it into a basic invitation template on the Avery design and print section of the website. 

I found the wedding silhouette images online and picked the images that looked like each of us - Mr P and I and our bridal party. I saved the images and re-sized them so they all looked the same and then inserted them into the invitation.

I kept these wedding rehearsal invitations in black and white so they were easy to print out.

All of these projects were ridiculously easy to make and I think they look great!

They haven't taken long at all to do and I think it made the bridal party feel extra loved and appreciated when you go to that bit more effort to include them and make them feel special.

I've never been in a bridal party before so I'm just making things up as I go along and having a lot of fun with these projects along the way!

Have you ever been a part of a bridal party? How were you asked? Or did you do the asking!

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  1. I love how personal these invitations are. Great job. Oh, and Congratulations Michelle! :)


    1. I had a lot of fun making these too :) Thanks x

  2. The bridesmaids cards with the bottle of bubbly is so perfect, I'd love to receive that :)



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