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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Laundry + Powder Room - Lighting Inspiration

Our laundry and powder room renovation is not quite finished yet but it's been 6 months since my last project post so I thought I'd share a bit of an update ..... better late than never right!

Lexi still takes her job as site manager very seriously and has been watching our progress very closely .... albeit it's been a little too slow for her liking!

The last project we did in the laundry was install new shelves in the laundry cupboard which has been fantastic I can fit so much in there now it's really great overflow storage for appliances and kitchen items that won't fit in the kitchen cupboards.

We have hung 3 new doors and installed new handles to the laundry cupboard, powder room and laundry room but still need to paint them. We are in the process of hanging and painting new doors throughout the house so I'll share the new doors update in a separate blog post as soon as we've finished them.

So back to the to do list for the laundry - all we need is a light fitting and power points for the washing machine so I don't need to run an extension cord into the kitchen every time I do a load of washing! Some art for the wall and a floor rug will add the finishing touches.

In the powder room - I need to find a mirror to hang above the basin, some art and a light fitting.

Then I can do a proper before and after reveal of the very last room renovated in the Jarrah Jungle home!

We have booked in the electrician to come out in two weeks so I need to hurry up and pick the lights for him to install but to be honest I'm a little stumped on what type of lighting to get for the laundry.

I'm conscious that the laundry light can't be too big or hang low or it will get knocked around. Maybe a flush mount or ceiling downlights like we installed in the kitchen might be the safer option.

Here are some lights I love .....

I can probably be a bit more daring in the powder room/toilet and have a pendant light.

Although this room is really tiny so it can't be too large either. Wall lights either side of the mirror could be a good option for this room.

I'm going light shopping this weekend so wish me luck in finding something that's both practical and pretty!

What type of lights do you have in your laundry and powder room/toilet?

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  1. There are so many neat lights these days to pick from. Hobby Lobby has a ton of wash room art right now in their frame aisle. When you're in the U.S. you need to go to a Hobby Lobby ;)


  2. Hobby Lobby is on my must shop list when in the USA! Thanks Carrie x


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