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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

DIY Bride: Simple + Rustic Ceremony Booklets

When I asked the Reverend of the Church where Mr P and I are getting married next month if he had a template for the ceremony booklets that I could use he actually tried to talk me out of having a booklet! 

Well there's no way this crafty minx wasn't going to make a ceremony booklet! 

But the Reverend was right in what he said that people usually fiddle with them and read along the script instead of watching what was happening in front of them. So I took his advice on board when making our ceremony booklets.

For the front of the booklets I kept the details to the absolute minimum - I didn't include the vows or the readings or anything else I kept it short and sweet and in good humour which is Mr P and I down to a tee!

For the back of the booklets this is where I wanted to acknowledge the people involved in the wedding - our bridal party, parents, those giving readings and to include a thank you message to all our friends and family.

I designed the booklets in a word document, copied 3 designs to a page and printed double sided on brown paper so that each booklet is just a small strip of paper with information front and back.

The brown paper is from Target and cost $8 for 40 sheets - with 3 designs a page means I could get 120 booklets from it. I used the same type of paper to make the wedding invitation belly bands.

I cut the papers with a guillotine, it's a real life saver having a guillotine I'm so glad I got one to do the wedding stationary it's made it far easier than scissors and gives a much more professional finish.

I had some leftover Avery labels from when I made the wedding stationary - white and brown labels that I had inserted our monogram initials into and printed out in colour. You can see how I DIYed the wedding stationary here.

I reused those labels to add some texture and colour to the booklets. Besides any excuse to use our monogram initials and I will I just love the floral heart design and it's so awesome that it was a free design to download!

I finished them off with a pretty piece of green satin ribbon that matches the wedding decor theme, used a two hole punch and then threaded the ribbon through and tied it in a knot.

I was surprised at how much ribbon I went through - 20 meters in total. The ribbon cost $4.

Next I needed a nice booklet holder to store them in.

I shopped at home and found a strong square box that was the perfect size, I tied some gold satin ribbon around it with a big bow at the front and filled the box with a piece of gold satin fabric.

I think the booklets look really great in the home made box .... even my furbaby Lexi is impressed!

This little craft project took me a few hours to design on the computer and then a few hours to assemble.

The total cost was $12 for 120 booklets which is an absolute bargain. Let's face it most of these will end up in the rubbish bin so there's no point in spending a lot of money on something that ends up in landfill right!

Do you keep the ceremony booklets from weddings?

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  1. These turned out so cute and I love your monogram initial! You are getting so much done!


    1. Thanks Carrie I"m really happy with them, yes almost finished all the crafty now!


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