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Monday, October 12, 2015

Honeymoon Travels: New York USA

Mr P and I had the most amazing honeymoon touring around the USA we made memories we will remember for our lifetime!

We visited 6 places, stayed in 4 hotels, 1 apartment and 1 lodge and caught 11 planes over 3 weeks.

Our first stop was New York City

New York has been on my bucket list forever and I was so excited that this was our first destination. Although we left less than 24 hours after our wedding, the flight took 24 hours to get there, so on arrival we were exhausted and excited all at once!

We wasted no time jumping into the Big Apple and seeing what all the fuss was about. There is so much energy in New York, it's bustling with people and traffic, it truly is a city that never sleeps.

We stayed in our own apartment in the middle of trendy Manhattan off 5th Avenue opposite the Flatiron Building. We had everything we needed at out front door it was in a prime location. All I needed was a laptop and a cigarette and I could've been Carrie Bradshaw aka Sex in the City!

The apartment I booked through Airbnb was fantastic and a lot cheaper than a hotel stay - I would highly recommend looking into this kind of accommodation if you ever visit NYC.

We were spoilt for choice on what to eat in NYC! It become a morning ritual for Mr P to have Dunkin Donuts and I'd have a bagel with cream cheese and coffee and sit in Maddison Square Park and watch the squirrels and people go by. We also lined up for the Shake Shack burgers here which were delicious.

Reading the Slice Harvester recently which lists all the pizza places in New York was handy too. We found some delicious pizza places, our favourite was when we ordered pizza to go and took it back to our apartment for a pizza party for two, relaxed with a movie and drinks, listening to the bustling city streets outside. It's moments like these that create memories that I'll remember forever!

There are some great roof top bars around NYC which are worth a visit to escape the busy streets, admire the view and have a drink and recharge. We went to Eataly an amazing food market and visited their rooftop bar which is also a microbrewery and was the perfect way to spend a few hours and enjoy a few coldies on a hot day.

We had 3 days in NYC .... I wish we had an extra 3 days as there is just so much to see and do, we walked for miles and tried to make the most of our time there.

On day 1 we did a Free Tours By Foot where you pay the tour leader what you think it was worth at the end of the tour. Our tour lasted 6 hours and took us everywhere from Wall Street, Financial District, Stock Exchange, Trinity Church, World Trade Centre, Greenwich Village, Washington Square Park, SoHo, Chelsea Market for lunch, High Line Park and Chinatown. It ended in Little Italy where the big yearly San Gerrome festival was on and there were more types of cannoli than I've ever seen before!

We mostly walked everywhere but did catch the subway a few times which was a great intro to the metro system as it's always a bit nerve racking catching public transport in a foreign place. Our guide was a real character and told us everything we needed to know from the history to interesting facts to street smarts tips on riding the subway and how not to be an annoying tourist to New Yorkers!

On day 2 we had our first full America breakfast at the famous Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop which kept us fuelled for the whole day!

We went to the Top Of The Rock for amazing views across the city, stood under the clock at Grand Central Station, were dazzled by the happenings in Times Square, ate chocolate at Hershey's Chocolate World. shopped at Toys R Us, and had a well earned rest in Central Park.

On day 3 we went to Brooklyn and had a morning stroll over the Brooklyn Bridge with beautiful views of the city and river. Then we took the free ferry over to Staten Island and back again to see views of the Statue of Liberty. We spent a few hours at Modern Pinball for Mr P and did a bit of window shopping on our last day in NYC.

When they say to wear good walking shoes they aren't kidding. My faithful sandals broke just days into the holiday and I had to take myself shopping for a new pair. The good thing about walking is you don't feel guilty about the delicious food you eat because you've earned it!

I could easily have stayed twice as long in NYC there is just so much to see and do I wish we had more time here. I will definitely be back to do the museums, galleries, shopping, shows and dining.

I hope you liked my happy snaps from Part 1 of our honeymoon in the USA ..... coming up next is our trip down south to Louisville, Kentucky.

Have you been to New York? What did you love about it?

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  1. You did so many different things in NYC then we did, but there is just SO much to do there. How neat that you stayed in an apartment versus a hotel! When we went to NYC for a week it wasn't enough and unfortunately we haven't been back yet... I loved reading this post, I can't wait for the rest of them. You got some great photos and next time I am there I need to try a rooftop bar!


    1. I got a lot of the ideas from you Carrie so thank you! I could easily stay a week there and have more time for those roof top bars and shopping! xx

  2. Isn't it great? It's back on my bucket list too. It's never long enough in NYC.
    Caro xx

    1. Its on my wish list again too Carolyn! Such a great place x

  3. Loved seeing all your snapshots on IG and reading more about your holiday here. Did you book other accommodation on air bnb too? How have you settled back into life in Perth? x

    1. We had such a great time Amanda I wish I could go back already! Yes I booked 2 hotels and 1 private apartment through Airbnb, really good experience all went well I'd definately recommend using it. We saved on hotel fees booking through the owners direct so you dont get daily housekeeping services but I was happy to save some money and make my own bed each day! My girlfriends used Airbnb to book a place in Leederville for my hens do so its becoming a lot more popular here as well :)


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