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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Our Wedding Cake Of Cheese + DIY Mini Bunting Topper

Remember how I wanted my wedding cake to be made of cheese?

Well here it is!

The wedding venue sourced the cheeses for us and they were top quality and tasted amazing. There were 5 layers of cheese to make up the wedding cake stack - from top to bottom they were:
Affine au Chablis - A rich and creamy French cheese
Lobethal triple cream brie and Lobethal brie - Both were creamy and delicious
Black Sticks blue - A delicate crumbly blue from the UK
Isabella Two Sisters - A buttery aged gouda from Holland

There was about 6kg - 7kg of cheese for 100 guests and we had about half leftover which we've been happily giving away to friends and family and otherwise storing in the fridge for the next cheese and wine night!

The cheese wheels were stacked from large to small and displayed on a beautiful round wooden board.

The cake table was decorated with gum leaves and honky nuts from my parents farm, candles, fruit, breads and crackers ... it looked amazing.

Everyone loved the idea of the cake of cheese and were hovering around it until we cut it and they could eat it! We cut the cheese at the start of the night and the staff took it away and cut it up and served it on small cheese platter boards that they placed on the tables around the venue with condiments like crackers, fruit and quince.

Another important part of the cake was the the cake topper.

Initially I wanted a personalised cake topper with silhouettes of Mr P and I and our furbaby Lexi but unfortunately the top wheel of cheese on the cake was quite small and wouldn't be big enough for that style of cake topper.

I needed something smaller and decided sticks holding up a string of bunting would be the better choice and the rustic look will suit the cheese too. 

I had a friend who is a bunting queen help me make the topper - she's made metres and metres of fabric and paper bunting over the years and I knew it would be in good hands with her creativity!

The silk paper used for the bunting was a gift from my matron of honour from her travels to Vancouver - I have also framed them as art for the living room. I used gold and white papers which matched in with our wedding colour theme.

The string is from my Mum's sewing kit and the skewers I already had. The wooden embellishments are from The Reject Shop and cost $3 which is all I spent on making the topper! 

Now don't mind the potatoes ..... they were supporting the topper while we worked on it!

The paper was cut into triangles and folded over the string and glued down, the top of the bunting was not glued so we could move the flags around the string until we were happy with how they looked.

Once we had the two layers of string and bunting the right size I glued the string to the wooden skewers and left it to dry overnight.

The next day I used my hot glue gun to attach some wooden hearts to the skewers where the string was tied to secure them. The hot glue gun has become my latest craft obsession!

I really love how the topper turned out and it looked perfect sitting on top of the cheese.

It was extra special that it was handmade by my friend and I.

I would definitely recommend having a cheese stack for your wedding cake!

What I loved about it was it can be cut any time of the day or night and it will be eaten, it's cost effective it worked out cheaper than if we had a sweet wedding cake and it's unique I received so many compliments and comments about the cheese it was one of the highlights of the wedding!

What do you think of our wedding cake of cheese?

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  1. Thats it! Whenever Brian and I renew our vows, I am having a cheese cake! I am on such a cheese and crackers kick right now, it would be perfect. We even had a cheese plate & salad for our 3 yr anniv. last week in the evening, because it is one of our favorite meals! lol!

    The cake and bunting turned out FAB!!!!!


  2. I LOVE this idea. I hadn't heard about it before, but now I've heard about it twice in two weeks. Huh! Great cake. GREAT!


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