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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Courtyard Garden With Cyclone Gardening Tools

I shared with you recently some never kink hoses that I reviewed for Australian garden brand Cyclone. I now have some of their awesome gardening tools I've been getting dirty in the garden as we start to add some kerb appeal to the front our house and create a garden in our front courtyard.

There is a Cyclone tool for pretty much every task you have to do in the garden - so between the weeds, raking and tidying up, transplanting and potting plants - we have been putting these gardening tools to good use. 

Mr P got busy with the top soil spreader and leveled out the sand in the courtyard so we could lay some pavers around our rain chain pots (another project we are working on .... blog post to come!)

The metal spreaders roll as you move them along the ground and they glide nicely over the soil flattening the ground. We have used a few different types of spreaders and this one has a really nice glide to it, or maybe it's just Mr P's moves, he always makes things look easy!

The Telescopic hedge shears - wavy edge is perfect for cutting greenery and plants that are thick or slippery as the wave holds the stems in place while you cut - While the Telescopic ratchet bypass lopper is perfect for cutting small-medium sized greenery and branches.

We used these shears and loppers to cut back the neighbors trees (with their permission of course!) that were taking over our fence. They snipped through wood branches without a problem - these are must haves for trimming larger plants or trees.

The 10 Tine mulch and bark fork has a shorter handle than a normal fork which makes it sturdy and is good for carrying lighter materials.

The fork itself is pretty wide and you can fit a lot on - we raked up all the dead grass and weeds with the fork, lifted it straight onto the fork and into the bin, got to love a multi tasking gardening tool.

The 4 prong hand fork was one of my favourites as I like anything mini size that fits my hand. It was perfect for weeding - I always get blisters pulling out weeds even when I wear gloves but now I can use the fork to loosen the weeds and then pull them out which is much easier.

The 2 prong hand weeder is smaller and allows you to weed in small areas where you don't want to damage the surrounding plants or lawn. I still hate weeding but using these weeders definitely helped keep my dainty hands blister free!

The courtyard cultivator is another weeding tool because you can never have enough weed helpers, those suckers grow anywhere and everywhere! This is more of a heavy duty weeder and was perfect on the larger weeds that almost needed a shovel to dig out!

With our backyard being cleared for subdivision, we had to dig up all the plants from the backyard and put them into pots for the courtyard. The aloe vera was growing out of control in our backyard garden beds and they look so good potted up in pots and in their new home on the path by the front door. 

Every courtyard needed it's own courtyard shovel - this shovel has a short handle which makes it easy to dig holes and I liked it because it wasn't as heavy as a normal shovel and I could work with it better.

I used the hand trowel the most, it was great for doing up the pot plants and meant I didn't have to get my hands dirty with potting mix!

I think any house from the 1960s in suburban Perth had a jade plant otherwise known as a money plant growing unkempt and wild in their garden. We have transplanted our money plants half a dozen times and they are still growing strong.

I dug them up yet again (hopefully for the last time!) and planted them in matching ceramic pots to create a welcoming path to the front door .... Paired with my funky Acapulco chairs and our furbaby Lexi who can resist this welcome!

These Cyclone gardening tools are quality products that feel good in your hands - the larger tools have a lifetime warranty while the smaller tools have a 10 year warranty which is pretty impressive.

They have become well used additions and a big help in creating our courtyard garden.

I can't wait to show you more of our courtyard garden as we finalise the design and keep working on it over the coming weeks!

How is your garden growing ?

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Disclosure: Many thanks to Cyclone for providing me with these products for review. I have not received any payment or compensation for this review. As always, all opinions are my own.

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  1. I really need to get some new gardening products, I broke my hand trowel a few weeks ago when I did my last big weeding session in our back yard. You really have some different plants over there!


    1. Oh no! They must have been some seriously big weeds!! Do we, I guess they are more sun and heat tolerant because of our scorching hot summers :)


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