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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Newlyweds Christmas ... Merry Kissmas!

I change my Christmas decorating theme every year depending on what's happening in the Jarrah Jungle home and so far over the years I've had .....

2009 - Our first Christmas
2010 - Christmas when renovation 
2011 - Christmas tree blue and silver
2012 - Christmas tree with pink, purple, blue and silver
2013 - Christmas tree with pink, purple, blue and silver
2014 - Decorating with a bright and happy vibe

In 2015 I'm going with a newlyweds theme because it's Mr P and I's first Christmas 
as husband and wife. Plus my word for 2015 is "LOVE" so it's the perfect theme!

Every year Mr P mentions that our Christmas tree is far too big for the house and every year I gush about how much I love it and it's not going anywhere!

This year the Christmas Tree is decorated with blues, purples, pinks and silver.

I've decorated with special decor from the engagement and wedding including my DIYed wedding bouquet

I'm not afraid to use lots of bright colours around the house as you can see even my wall art has had the festive treatment this year!

My gallery wall of art has had a bit of a change up with the addition of my custom Jarrah Jungle art from Minted.

Special ornaments from our honeymoon travels across the USA take pride of place here too.

My DIY painted birdcage has made an appearance again with baubles and birds.

I've created a couple of vignettes in the dining room and living room too.

My kitchen is looking bright and festive with it's Christmas shelfie and the dining room table is laid with Christmas cheer!

And I couldn't forget to decorate outside, now that I've added some pots and plants to the front path it's looking much more inviting by the front door.

I love seeing the Christmas tree and all the decorations up in the house it makes me excited for the Summer holidays and festivities ahead.

Now I need to finish shopping and wrap some presents to put under the tree!

 photo F0F68C01A59FABD46732FC15E1D8816D_zpsc6047f2f.png

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[All images my own]

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  1. Your home is so pretty! I love how you filled the bird cage with ornaments. And, that sign is fun how you change it up every season!!


    1. Thanks Carrie, I do love my lightbox :) Your home is looking beautiful and festive too :)

  2. Love how you do a "yearly" Christmas theme - think I will have to steal that concept off you! It is our first Christmas in our new home together this year so very exciting and I think I am going a tad overboard!

    1. Yes well why not, its a good excuse to change things around a bit! I went crazy for our first Christmas as well, accidentally picked out a massive tree that takes over the living room! Oh well, it's only a few weeks of the year :)

  3. Your home looks festive! And I love your lightbox. Merry Christmas! :)

    Karla || LoveandinBetween♥

    1. Thank you! I love having a play around with sayings for the lightbox :)


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