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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My Word For The Year 2016: Change

Instead of making a list of new year resolutions that I know I won't stick to - I come up with just ONE WORD that I will adhere to, think about and live by for the year ahead.

The idea of having ONE WORD originally came from the lovely blogger Maxabella Loves and you can link up your ONE WORD with Maxabella Loves here until the end of January.

My previous words for the year have been: 

Last year my word LOVE was absolutely perfect and it was at the forefront of my mind when I planned our engagement party and our wedding.

I made sure that it was always in my mind that it was all about the love ..... It wasn't a time to be stressed or anxious, it wasn't about a fancy wedding dress or spending a fortune and going into debt, but to live the year reminded of Mr P and I and our love for one another.

Nawwww who knew I could be so loved up and mushy mush! 

Now for this year's word, usually it's that one word that jumps out at me when I start to think about the year ahead, the projects and plans, the goals and dreams I'm thinking about and hope to achieve this year. 

With that in mind, my word for 2016 is:

There are so many changes happening this year in my home life it is both scary and exciting all at once! So this whole year is going to be about CHANGE: Growing, adapting, taking risks, facing challenges, it's all about CHANGE.

On the domestic front, I am now a married woman (yipee!) and that has been a big change in itself! Although Mr P and I have lived together for 7 years it does feel different now we are officially husband and wife and there are some changes (including name changes!) that need to be worked out and sorted through now that we are Mrs and Mr P !

I'm still very much in the newlyweds stage and find the whole being married thing very exciting, we both grin like love struck teenagers whenever we say husband and wife and I hope I still get a buzz out if it well after the honeymoon period is over!

There will be changes afoot in our beloved Jarrah Jungle home this year too.

We will finish all the renovations inside and out and once it's all complete we will most likely put our house up for sale (if the Perth property market improves). 

It is a bittersweet feeling knowing we've put our blood, sweat and tears into renovating our home and turning it into our love nest. But we feel we are ready for a change, we have outgrown our first home now, our wants and needs have changed, and we are ready to find a new place.

Just last week we started to seriously look for a new home, we ventured out to a few home opens and drove around the suburbs we are looking at moving to, to see if we like the area.

This will be a massive change if we move suburbs and we are researching shops, transport, dog parks, and everything else that needs to be considered when you move .... a big yard for Lexi is a must on the wish list too!

If we do sell and move house, this will mean changes to the Jarrah Jungle blog - the whole reason for me starting this blog was to document the adventures of first time home renovating.

Over the last 5 years I have grown to love and rely on this creative space of mine and so long as I have a home to decorate and improve on - I'm sure I will always have content and ideas to write about here. Let's face it, no matter where I live there's always going to be home improvement projects to tackle, decorating ideas, recipes and dinner parties to be thrown, so the blog will still be here with the same home loving content.

Who knows we may end up with a complete gut and renovate home again and it could be Jarrah Jungle 11 all over again!

Of course, it wouldn't be a new year resolution without a healthy option included right!

Mr P and I are both trying to change our diet and eat more fresh produce and less sugar (have you seen That Sugar Film? Scary stuff!).

We are both pretty healthy home cooks already, but are making a conscious effort to include more fresh vegetables and salad in every meal and less processed packaged ingredients.

It's just a matter of being organised, menu planning meals each week, and making sure we have plenty of healthy food in the fridge. I'm sure this change will be an easy one to make and our bodies will thank us for it.

It's shaping up to be a big year of changes and I'm really excited about it ..... A change is as good as a holiday right! 

How are your new year resolutions going? Do you have a word for 2016?

You can link up your ONE WORD with Maxabella Loves here until the end of January

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  1. Eating healthier is always a good change. I need to make that change, I eat horribly! I do work out, but still... I am excited to see the new home you find! Brian and I have wanted to move, too... but, right now life is just a little too hectic for us to make that big of a plunge. We will eventually, tho. I hope! Lol!


    1. Sounds like an exciting year ahead for you too Carrie, I'll be following along on your blog :)

  2. Change is exciting! Congratulations on your wedding! Wishing you a wonderful 2016 xx

    1. Thanks so much Elisa, all the best for the year ahead! x

  3. Wishing you a wonderful year of change! Sounds like an exciting one ahead x

    1. Thanks Trishie :) All the best to you and your lil family for 2016!


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