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Monday, January 4, 2016

Summer Holidays - Christmas + New Year

I've had a blissful few weeks off work enjoying the Summer holidays at home and even managed a mini getaway down south for a few days.

Mr P and I gave ourselves a complete renovating free break which is a first for us - we didn't tackle any projects around the house and put the tools down for the first time ever

We really enjoyed ourselves over the break catching up with friends and family, went swimming, slept in, had movie marathons, read books, just really relaxed and recharged the batteries which is just what the Dr ordered after a really hectic and busy end to 2015. 

We dog sat as well so even Lexi had a buddy to hang out with over the holidays!

We had a busy Christmas Day having lunch with Mr P's family which was a traditional roast lunch with hot meats and vegetables and delicious desserts. 

Then dinner with my family was a typical Aussie Christmas feast of seafood and salads. We stayed over on my parents farm which was really relaxing and the dogs loved it being able to run free and breathe in the fresh country air.

Boxing Day we caught up with more of my family and had a picnic down by the Mandurah foreshore making the most of the hot and sunny weather.

After the Christmas festivities we went on a road trip and stayed down south with Mr P's family on their vineyard property near Manjimup, Western Australia which is about 3.5 hours drive from home. 

We worked in the vineyard lifting wires to help the vines grow, went marroning and fishing in the dam, had cocktail hour every afternoon with cheese and wine, bbq dinners out on the deck overlooking the property, we had the best little family getaway with our furbaby Lexi she loved being able to run around in all that open space.

For New Years Eve we drove back from Manjimup during the day and went to a Mexican Soiree party that night with lots of delicious Mexican food and tasty mojito cocktails. 

I made my yummy Mexican layered dip which was a party favourite and we lit up the sparklers, did the count down, and I started the New Year with a kiss from my now husband Mr P!

2015 had some incredible highs but it also had some lows too and I'm really looking forward to new challenges and exciting adventures in 2016.

I hope you had a Happy Christmas and enjoyable New Year and a fun holiday season. 

What did you get up to for Christmas and New Years? 

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  1. Happy New Year! We are still having a bit of a break but thanks to my daughter's jaw surgery needed to stick close to home, which has been rather relaxing, even though I've been insisting we tackle a few of those odd jobs we've been putting off.

    1. I hope you had a relaxing break at home and your daughter is on the mend now xx

  2. I am glad you took a break from the renovations and enjoyed some relaxing time with lots of good foods and drinks! The vineyard break looks so fun and I am sure Lexi just loved it!


    1. The break was great! I hope you had a nice time over Xmas with your family :)


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