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Friday, February 12, 2016

Honeymoon Travels: New Orleans, Louisiana USA

Today I'm sharing part three of our honeymoon travels around the USA .... After leaving Louisville, Kentucky we caught a plane to Charlotte and then another plane onto New Orleans, Louisiana where we stayed for three nights.

I had heard so much from friends about the food, party atmosphere and culture of New Orleans and was really looking forward to having some fun here!

I was unsure how the recovery from Hurricane Katrina (which was 10 years ago now) would be and it was good to see they have recovered really well with twice as many restaurants as before which means there's even more tourists going to NOLA now which is great for the economy.

We stayed in a beautiful old 1830's Inn on St. Ann just off Bourbon Street where all the action happens with bars, clubs, street drinking and buskers aplenty. 

I booked a great midweek deal on their best suite which was stunning and spacious and we had our own private balcony where we could relax and enjoy a drink while watching all the interesting characters go by! 

Day 1 - French Quarter

We walked around the French Quarter every day which has a mix of everything - from old world character and charm, beautiful old buildings and architecture, horses and carriages, to the river front with steam boats, and streets with voodoo shops and ghostly vibes. New Orleans is really something else!

Of course we couldn't go to the birthplace of jazz without seeing some live music so after dinner at an oyster house we ventured into the old jazz district where the locals go to listen to live music.

Day 2 - Culinary and History Tour

I didn't book any tours beforehand for NOLA but after having such an awesome time on the New York - Free Tours By Foot, we decided to book with them again on a Culinary History Tour of the French Quarter.  

We did this on our second day which was a great way to be taken around the town and to learn the history of the area, the different people and cultures, the cuisine and food influences that were brought here - creole, cajan, french and spanish to name a few!

We were told where the best places to eat were which was great because on our first night we didn't have the best experience as we didn't know where to eat! I highly recommend doing a local tour as soon as you can when you arrive in a new place as it really gives you a great insight of where the locals go to eat and drink.

I loved the food here especially the fried shrimp po' boy, seafood gumbo and of course the freshly made beignets dusted in icing sugar and washed down with a cafe au lait for breakfast. We also visited the French Market and tasted the famous muffuletta sandwich from Alberto's Cheese and Wine which was so good we went back the next day for another one!

Day 3 - A Cruise Down The Mississippi River

On a beautiful hot and sunny day we went on a cruise down the Mississippi River on the iconic paddle steamer boat - Natchez Steamboat.

Once onboard we found a spot in the shade outside to sit and watch the river views while enjoying a few tasty cocktails from the bar and listening to a live jazz band. 

You can't go to New Orleans without a cruise down the Mississippi River and we had the best time onboard.

New Orleans was a really different part of the USA to visit with it's culture, the people, and delicious food and I'm so glad we did, it was really something special. 

Have you been to New Orleans? What did you love about it?

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  1. I went to New Orleans for a girl scout trip in 7th grade. We spent a lot of the trip at the French Quarter and I remember Beignets and going to the Hard Rock Cafe for the first time and getting a t-shirt. I also remember going to the bathroom and a full length mirror opening up (it was a door) and there was a dressing room behind it... It didn't even look like a door! It was quite a shock to me and my friends at our age then. Haha. I remember all the street performers, too! It is def. an interesting place. I would love to go back and see how its changed since the hurricane. I am sure river boat tour was fun!!


    1. What great memories you have of NOLA Carrie, and imagine how different it would be going back as an adult!

  2. Ahhh. You take me back. It's been 20 years since I was in New Orleans. 20 years!!!!! How the hell did I get that old? What a gorgeous trip you had. Something you'll remember forever.

    1. Well I wouldn't mind going back in 20 years to see how it's changed - as I'm sure my travelling style will have changed by then too! :)


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