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Friday, April 29, 2016

The Laundry Room: Organising + Storage

The laundry and powder room renovation has been finished for quite a while now ... almost 1.5 years!

I will share a proper before and after post on that just as soon as I hang some art and find a mirror for the powder room - I can't find the perfect size and style of mirror to sit over the feature tiles no matter how long I've been looking and it's been driving me crazy!


Today I want to share how I've organised the laundry since the renovation .....

Putting wall hung cupboards and a bench in the laundry was the best decision we made because it's added heaps of storage to keep everything neat and tidy.

I got busy organising the contents of the new cupboards with these baskets I found in Kmart - 2 baskets for $2.50 and I got 3 packs of baskets as they fit on the shelves nicely.

Labeling the baskets is a must for shorties like me because I can't see the top shelf of the laundry cupboards unless I stand on a step ladder - but what I can see is the labels which tell me the contents of each basket.

I used these Avery dry erase labels on each basket. The labels are re-writable so I used a white board marker so I can wipe them clean and change them down the track if I need to.

The labels are removable too which is handy so you can remove them if you need to change around storage containers.

They also stuck well to these plastic baskets which is great as sometimes it's hard to find labels that adhere to plastic surfaces.

As you can see Lexi our pampered pooch has a shelf just to herself for pet care supplies and dog treats.

I'm slowing working out what else to fill the cupboards with - having no storage in the laundry before means I haven't quite worked out what to put in here yet!

The pull out caddy that we installed inside a drawer is the most amazing organiser - it holds all of the cleaning bottles neatly and is so easy to use you just pull out the drawer and everything's there!

This was part of the flat pack cabinets that we installed ourselves - this pull out caddy is also great in a kitchen (we put a caddy under our sink when we did our kitchen renovation).

We also have a large built in cupboard in the laundry which gives us heaps of storage but the shelves were old and damaged and they weren't secured very well so use to wobble and move whenever we put things on them.

We replaced them with new shelves and wall brackets and it is now a very functional appliance cupboard, as the laundry is just off the kitchen it's useful for all the large appliances that won't fit in the kitchen cupboards.

I am head over heels in love with our renovated and organised laundry, it was once a room that I'd cringe at as I walked into, now I love how fresh and bright and homely it feels.

Now to find that mirror for the powder room and hang some art so I can do a long overdue before and after post!

How do you organise your laundry ?

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  1. Well this is a first, I have never been jealous of a laundry, but considing ours is in the garage which is also my husbands workshop... I am SERIOUSLY JEALOUS!

    It looks gorgeous.

    1. Haha thanks Brigette! It was a long time coming and the last room we renovated in the house but it was well worth the wait :)

  2. That pull out drawer for your cleaners is awesome! I need one! I love how Lexi has her own basket. :)


    1. Yes if you can fit one in I highly recommend Carrie, we have one in the kitchen under the sink as well it's fantastic.
      Of course our pampered pooch has a whole shelf she's that spoilt! x

  3. Loving the draw for the cleaners. We are yet to renovate our laundry so right now, surviving with an old rusted sink, and a washer and dryer. Can't wait to have some cupboards for storage again.

    1. The pull out caddy is awesome I love it! I know the feeling I lived with a rusty sink for many years before the reno but I think you appreciate it all the more when you live with the old for a few years :)

  4. I have laundry envy. I love the storage solutions and agree the drawer for the cleaners is a great idea.

    1. Thanks Rebecca :) The drawer is so good I just love it!


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