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Friday, July 15, 2016

Next Project Plan: Building A Deck

When we first moved into our beloved Jarrah Jungle we had a vision of building a deck and patio area off the back of the house that you could access via the kitchen and dining area so it will be like an extension of the house and give us more room when entertaining.

In preparation for the deck and as part of our kitchen renovation we knocked out a window and turned it into a doorway and installed french doors leading off the dining area.

These lovely doors have stayed locked and out of use for over 2 years as we await the next project of building the deck. Sadly up until now the doors lead to nowhere but a steep drop meters below so they are not used at all. But that is soon about to change!

The reason the deck is the last project we are tackling is because we had to wait for the subdivision of the backyard and the new boundary lines to be pegged out and retaining walls and fences to be installed because the deck will be built within the new fence boundary.

Our Local Council requires plans be submitted for the retaining wall, fence, deck and patio for building approval. We are no strangers to getting building permits through Council as we had to go through the same process when we built our garage extension and then again when we built our front limestone courtyard.

We are using a local company Germano Designs who were recommended to us and we have arranged an onsite meeting with them to go over our design ideas so they can draw up the plans and have them certified ready to submit to Council.

Isn't this the most perfect space for a deck to be built!

If there's one thing I've realised when it comes to renovating it's the planning stage that takes the longest time but as soon you know what you want and have all the boxes ticked to do it - the work itself doesn't take that long at all.

I have a feeling in just a few months, perfectly timed for the cold winter season to be over and when the warmer outside weather is here, that I may be sitting back on my shiny new deck enjoy a glass of wine and admiring our long term dreams becoming a reality!

It's funny the deck was one of the first projects we wanted to tackle with our renovations and 7 years on it is the very last project we are doing!

What are your long term home renovating dreams and goals?

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  1. Oh exciting stuff, it's true about the planning, I'm sure you are going to sitting on that deck soon, with a glass of wine enjoying the serenity.
    Can't wait to see it finished, happy weekend. x

    1. Thanks for stopping by Lisa, I can almost taste the wine already!

  2. Excitement! Gotta love a good deck. We love our deck ...

    1. I am jealous! Can't wait to have my own deck to relax on!!

  3. How exciting. We built a big deck a few years ago it has made such a difference to our family and how we use our space. I wrote about it here I would really love nothing more than to go up a level and create a parent retreat that way we could stay here for ever but I can't see it happening really. We will probably move because for the cost of a second story renovation where we are if we moved a little south and added the same amount to our mortgage we could buy a mansion! And by a little south I only mean 20mins!

    1. I think the deck will be used a lot in our home as well as we have quite a small dining room, it will become an extended outdoor living/dining room! Sounds like a move is the better option then, less money and less stress too! Thanks for stopping by I'm off to have a look at your deck now :)


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