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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Springing Into The Last House Projects

I can't believe that it is now Spring (or Fall on the other side of the world) and this also means there are just 4 months left of 2016 ....

Seriously where has the year gone?!

I have been reflecting on how the year is going so far and it has been the most relaxing and restful year for Mr P and I with no engagement party or wedding to plan this year! We have also been doing less home renovations as we are coming to the end of our home improvement projects which is a great feeling to be able to enjoy the changes we've made to our home over the years. It is our 7th year in the Jarrah Jungle home this month!

I have also been thinking about my word for 2016 which was CHANGE and I feel that I've been embracing the word as much as I can!

As the countdown to the end of the year is looming I do have a few home goals I'd love to finish in 2016. The last big renovating projects are the exterior gardens - namely, the courtyard at the front of the house and the deck at the back of the house.

The courtyard is pretty much done I'd say it's about 60% complete

We are just waiting for a run of sunny days (which we hope to have soon now that Spring is here!) so that we can seal the pavers and then we can add the outdoor furniture, build a bench seat, build a privacy screen for the rubbish bins, install the shade sail, add some pots and plants and finish planting out the vegetable and herb garden.

I can't wait to have the courtyard garden finished so I can sit outside in the sunshine with a book and enjoy this outdoor space!

The deck project in the backyard is at the final design stage

We have a long way to go but I'm hopeful to have the work underway and commenced before Christmas even if it's not finished by then.

We have designed the deck which is always the hardest part working out what you want to do with the space. Next we found a Draftsman to draw up a professional design for us and it is now with a Structural Engineer to draw a plan which we can submit to our Local Council for approval.

The deck design includes retaining walls, a new fence, a patio and a lawn area for our furbaby Lexi. It would be amazing to have this built in the next few months so we can enjoy Summer parties and BBQs in our new and improved outdoor entertaining space!

We do have some small projects to finish but I'm not sure if 
we'll get them all done this year ....

  • Plaster and re-paint the ceiling in the living room and master bedroom (as we have raised sagging ceilings in these rooms)
  • Hang and paint a new door in the hallway
  • Find and hang a new exterior door in the laundry
  • Wallpaper the back of the door leading into the garage

A much smaller to do list now that we are in our 7th year of renovating!

There may only be 4 months left of 2016 but I'm going to make them count and it's time to come out of the Winter hibernation and into the Spring sunshine!

How is your to do list for the year going so far ?

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  1. I've been following you for awhile (not sure how many years?), but it has been amazing all that you've done to your home in that time! I am glad that you can finally sit back and relax a bit, you deserve it! I agree, the best way to get something done is to just BEGIN! Hope you are enjoying the Spring, we are still having hot and humid temps here in St. Louis... hoping for some fall temps soon!


    1. We really needed a breather this year it has been good to be able to enjoy the changes we've made over the years. The spring has still been so cold will be nice for it to warm up a bit! x

  2. We are the same - definitely need to make use of these last few months to get the gardens and house ready for the New Year!

    1. The thought of another summer with our backyard being a sandpit is unbearable! So lots of motivation to get some projects done in the next few months :)


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