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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Preparing The Front Verge For Lawn

Our front verge has been a sand pit for a few years as we have been renovating and working on the house exterior it has seen a bit of action from trucks and work vehicles driving over it and also building materials and skip bins being dumped out there. But now we have pretty much finished the renovations we can pretty up the front of the house and add some kerb appeal to the verge - namely laying a hardy sun loving lawn.

This weekend Mr P had a mate over to lend a hand and prepare the front verge for lawn by installing reticulation and sprinklers.

First things first we drew a very fancy technical plan (insert sarcastic voice here!) for the reticulation and worked out where the sprinklers would need to go to ensure all the lawn would be watered properly and there would be no dead spots.

Once the plan was drawn the lads used wooden markers and string line to mark out where each sprinkler would go.

We'll have a row of 4 sprinklers along the courtyard wall, a row of 4 sprinklers along the road and then a row of 3 sprinklers in the middle so they overlap and the lawn will get full coverage.

Once the design was pegged out the lads went to Bunnings to buy supplies - long lengths of 25mm PVC pipe, pop up sprinklers, fittings and glue. Because the verge will have cars drive on it occasionally we got flexible pop up sprinklers for along the road so if a car drives over them they will sink into the ground and not break (well here's hoping!)

Then out came the trenching shovel and trenches were dug and the retic pipes cut to size and laid in the trench with sprinklers and fittings attached with glue.

If you want to see a more detailed how to on setting up automatic reticulation check out this post from when we did our courtyard lawn.

We had to wait 2 hours for the glue to dry before we could turn on the water to check all the sprinklers worked okay and there were no leaks or problems - hooray all the sprinklers work!

The next day I helped Mr P cover all the trenches back in with sand, we mixed a pile of soil in with the sand, and then spent a few hours raking and leveling the verge as flat as we could so the lawn will have a good flat surface to sit on ..... Because nobody likes a lumpy bumpy lawn!

It rained for most of the afternoon and evening after we flattened the verge which is perfect because it has compacted the ground which helps to level it.

We will give it another rake and level before we lay the new lawn which we plan to do this coming weekend.

What do you have on your front verge .... Lawn? Plants? Veggie patch? Something else!

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  1. Yay! You are going to LOVE the irrigation system! We have one in our yard and it is so nice... then my husband set up drip irrigation for all my pots on the front porch and also my hanging baskets. This looks like it was a messy job though, with all the dirt. Thank goodness for hubbies that do all our dirty work, right?! I am sure you fed him good while he worked, tho!


    1. It has been great not needing to remember to water them, thats how mine usually die from my neglect! We are lucky we have handy hubbies, yes I make sure I feed him well and keep him happy in return :)

  2. Just lawn on our front yard. Our veggie patch is on the side of our house. It's growing amazingly at the moment.

    1. That is good to hear. I'm hoping our veggies and herbs we planted recently will start to sprout soon but it has just been too cold. Bring on the Spring sunshine I say!


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