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Friday, December 9, 2016

Before + After: Our Courtyard Shade Sail

On the weekend we finished installing the new shade sail in the front courtyard and it looks amazing!

When your vision turns into a reality it's such a good feeling ..... this is why I love renovating to look at the before and afters and see the changes we have made to our 1960's humble abode! 

You may recall back in April Mr P and I installed the metal shade sail poles ourselves before the courtyard was paved.

It took a lot of concrete ... 360kg in fact .... to secure the poles into the ground so they would take the weight of a shade sail attached to them and so they would last for a very long time (forever!).

After the paving was finished, the garden beds were built, grass laid and everything else was done in the courtyard we were ready for the shade sail.

We waited until the wet and windy winter season was finished and then called our shade sail guy from Big Fat Snapper who we'd already worked out the design with, to come out and do a final measure between the poles, so he could make the shade sail to fit the space perfectly. 

He made the shade sail that week and then came back on the weekend and install it. It took about an hour with Mr P and I on a pole each while he jumped from pole to pole to tighten the ropes and get the sail at the right angle and at the right tension so it was nice and straight and firm. There's a real art to this and you can tell he takes a lot of pride in his work and wants you to be 100% happy with it and for it to look great because let's face it nobody wants a saggy shade sail flapping around do they!

There were lots of colours of shade cloth to pick from - we went for a charcoal colour to match the roof of the house and the metal poles we picked a colour to match the limestone courtyard walls - I think it all blends in with the house nicely.

It's such a practical feature and when the sun beats down at the front of the house now we can sit under it in the shade. It stops the heat of the sun too as it's all fully UV sun safe.

Now all we need to do is set up the courtyard with our outdoor furniture and decor and make it all pretty and nice.

I need to find some nice feature pots and plant them out to add some greenery out here too.

Our vegetable and herb garden also needs some love and attention as well!

I'm loving how our courtyard garden is really coming along now ... check out more before and afters of the house exterior in my House Tour page!

 photo F0F68C01A59FABD46732FC15E1D8816D_zpsc6047f2f.png

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