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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

How I'm Being An Organised Mum-To-Be

When I found out I was going to be a Mum and after the initial excitement and warm and fuzzy feelings I became a bit overwhelmed with all the medical appointments, what I need for the nursery and baby, what to pack for the hospital etc. There were so many things running through my head of what I needed to do and being that I like to be organised I started to make lists for everything and anything and these lists wouldn't fit in my Happy Planner in an easy way.

So I soon realised what I really needed was a pregnancy journal so I could keep everything Mum and baby related in one place.  

I looked everywhere for a pregnancy journal from bookshops to online and there just wasn't much available.

So when I found Baby Notes at kikki.K I just had to have it - it cost $34.95 and if you sign up to be a member you'll get a $10 discount voucher to use which makes it a pretty good buy.

Essentially Baby Notes is an organiser with sections to write down to do lists, appointments, baby names, gifts and check lists for the nursery, hospital, etc. There's also a blank calendar which I use a lot to write down how I'm feeling, milestones, important dates to remember, etc.

After the pregnancy section there's a baby section so you can record the baby's appointments, what foods they like and sleep patterns which I think will be really useful. I really like that I can keep using the same journal without the need to purchase another one and start again.

I've been using my Happy Planner stickers and washi tape to decorate the journal and stick in photos of the ultrasounds and special moments as well to make it more memorable and a keepsake.

I also bought some extra baby stickers from Blitsy as they are always having a sale it's hard to resist and I found some great pregnancy stickers on Etsy.

As a first time Mum-to-be it really has made my life a lot easier to have all this information in one place and the organiser is nice and small so easy take with me to appointments.

If you know a friend who is expecting this is such a great gift although you would want to give it to them early so they can make the most of it from the start of the pregnancy!

This post is in no way endorsed by kikki.K I just really love this journal and wanted to share it with you!

Did you keep a diary of your pregnancy or as new Mum-to-be?

If you join Blitsy an online craft discount store and make a first time purchase it would be awesome if you use my referral code HERE when you sign up - you will get great discounts and I get a $10 reward to spend on my creative obsession so I can share more product posts like this one with you guys! Thank you!!

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  1. I had a pregnancy journal, too! And then I even had one after I had both of mine, to keep track of nursing times, etc. I love all of those adorable stickers, etc.! :) So fun! I can tell you are just enjoying your pregnancy so fun. :) Happy times!


    1. I think they're a great idea and yes all the more fun with stickers! I am enjoying it and only a few more weeks to go now!! x

  2. congratulations, Michelle. I'm a believer in notebooks too - but now have so many it's hard to keep track! Cheers from Carole's Chatter

    1. Thanks Carole :) I know what you mean I'm starting to juggle a few myself and it gets a bit confusing!


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