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Guest Bedroom

This is the first room that was renovated and my first taste of renovating ... I didn't quite realise how much prep is involved when you redo a room I thought you just slapped a coat of paint on and it was done. Oh no I was in for a shock there is so much prep involved the painting is only part of it.

Firstly, we ripped out the old carpet and wardrobe and the paint had lifted off the walls so we couldn't just paint over the top, we had to peel the paint off with scrapers which took ages.

Next was to fill in the millions of little holes with filler, sand it back, fill again, sand it back (you get the point!). As the walls were back to bare plaster they then got a coat of stinky primer to help the paint stick to it.

The ceiling was sanded and painted with 2 coats of white. The ceiling needs to be done first so it doesn't drop down your freshly painted walls (you learn all these things from experience!)

Before - Removing the wardrobe and carpet

Wardrobe and carpet gone

Peeling off the old paint

 Scraping and filling

Once everything was prepped we were ready to put some colour on the walls and I got slap happy with a few sample pots of paint and finally picked Mountain Peak (a super light grey) which we decided to get in double strength for all the bedrooms and normal tint for the rest of the house (hallway, living room etc). As mentioned before its a British Paints colour but tints crisper in Dulux. I want the whole house to look uniform and flow so it is going to be all grey and just the shades will differ. Grey is the new beige didn’t you know?! 

Starting to paint


Painting finished

You'd never know this is where the old wardrobe was

After the walls were painted, 2 coats of white went on the door frame, window frame and skirting boards.  The crisp white is such a good contrast against the dark jarrah floorboards.

Painting the frames

After frames and walls all painted

Next onto the floorboards, they got sanded back lightly before we started painting (excuse the finger, yes that's me sanding just had to prove I do some of the hard work!). Once we cleaned up every little spec of dust, Mr P meticulously used a paint brush to do a coat of varnish on the floor you get really good coverage using a brush but it was way too time consuming so we never used a brush again, we used a mop for the other rooms.

Me having a go at sanding the floor

After sanded and sealed

Up went some new silver blinds but they let a lot of light in so we bought the same block out blinds we got for the master bedroom and our guests are very thankful!

After with new silver blinds

New block out blinds ready to go up

After curtain rod and curtains up (excuse the wrinkles, they have since fallen out!)

I wanted this room to be neutral so bought a shaggy grey rug for under the bed so that any colours can be added to this room. We already had a white Ikea wardrobe that we put behind the door (where the old wardrobe was built in) and its perfect storage for our winter coats. The bed and bedside we already had although the bedsides need a bit of a facelift, maybe a new varnish or lick of paint. 

Furniture in and decorated

Lastly, a retro light pendant was installed which I absolutely love

What I like most about this guest room is that it is so neutral I can change to any doona colour - green, orange and blue are my favourites with matching accessories and it gives it a whole new look.

Cost Breakdown:
Bed and Bedside (already had)
Wardrobe, Ikea (already had)
Aluminium Blinds, Spotlight $54
Curtain Rod and Curtains, Curtain Wonderland $200
Shaggy Rug, Spotlight $135
Lamp, Target $25
Wall plaque, Target $12
Plant stand, Target $10
Bird cage, Thingz $15

[All images my own]
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  1. Oh my gosh.. i was just browsing through your 'after' posts and can you believe it. We ALSO have the same k-mart bed linen and pillow. So that's the same yellow vase, same zig zag pillows, same black ikea frame, same decorative swallows and same bed linen. What's going on? Apparently great minds really do think alike... ;)

  2. Wow that is crazy, we might have even past through the checkout at the same time! Great minds indeed :)

  3. I understand the peeling paint completely. I am renovating a 1983 B/T in Munster WA, and every room has to be taken back to white set plaster, why did not they seal the plaster back then (Groan!). There is an odd satisfaction of applying that stinky sealer/binder so never again will the paint just flake off.


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