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Monday, August 9, 2010


Ever choose wine by the look of the bottle? I do! This one I got from Dan Murphy's for $10 and it had a Spanish Sangria (party punch) in it. Mum and I share a liking for sweet and fruity so didn't hesitate to bring it out when my folks were over for dinner this week. 

The bottle was too nice to throw away so decided it'd make a good oil bottle. Cleaned off the label, rinsed it with white vinegar (the other white spirit!), threw in some peeled cloves of garlic, shiny red chillis and sprigs of thyme and topped it up with some good quality olive oil.

Give it a few days and the flavours will come together nicely AND it looks good too. It'll be tasty in stir frys ... What else would you cook with it?
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