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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Don't Mind Me

I'll be over here

watching the sun go down

and the stars come out

by candle light


I REALLY need a holiday!

I hope everyone is having a relaxing week so far

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  1. Thanks for posting a comment on my blog - the swing in your post looks heavenly. I don't know if you read part 1 of my reno story, but my husband and I met because of the house - I was his real estate agent. The house was not habitable when he bought it, so I moved in at the same time he did...about 2 months after we started dating...there was no hot water, no bathroom (or any) doors, no kitchen, and we slept with our mattress in the the middle of our living room for at least a month. We didn't have kids, so it was kind of an adventure (though I didn't think so at the time). My biggest piece of reno advice is to do one room at a time - which is what it looks like you are doing. The original contractor took on the whole house at once, so when we fired them, there wasn't one space that was was SO overwhelming to have a whole house in shambles...I'd lie in bed and list the many, many things we had to do. My now-husband and I worked well together from the beginning...and we say now that if we survived that whole ordeal, that we can survive anything. It looks like you and your boyfriend are being much more sensible about your reno than we were! Best of luck to you, things look great so far! (Sorry this became so long!) Take care, Erin

  2. Oh. How divine does that look?!


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