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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Largest Thing You'll Ever Paint

I thought I had it all figured out picking the exterior colours of our house until we had to pick the roof colour so the roof restoration guys could start work.

Let's face it the roof is the largest thing you'll probably ever paint! It's such a big area and grabs a lot of attention so we were a bit stuck on the colour to pick.

Since the major works to the exterior of our home over the last 6 months the icing on the cake is to get the roof restored, at a cost of $5000 and 4 days work this job involves replacing all the cracked tiles, rebedding and pointing, new gulleys, pressure cleaning the roof tiles, and finally painting the roof tiles so you'll never notice the garage extension and the mix of orange tiles amongst it all.

So what colour roof paint should we pick? So far these are our exterior colours ... 

The front of the house and inside of the garage were rendered a sand stone colour
and then painted in Dulux exterior Classic Cream
(not Limestone as I wrongly picked the first time!)

The down pipes are Classic Cream so they blend with the side of the house
They are not a feature so we didn't want them to stand out in a different colour

The gutters and facias are Ironstone which is a charcoal colour with a blue tinge to it
it really plays up blue in the sunlight

We asked the roof restorer to drop off a few painted roof tiles for us to choose from and we have narrowed it down to:

Tile 1 on Left: Left half Charcoal Right half Monument
Tile 2 in Middle: Barramundi 
Tile 3 on Right: Ironstone

Something to remember with paint colours is the material the paint is on will also affect how it looks - the metal gutter absorbs the colour whereas the ceramic roof tile is painted with a glaze so reflects the colour

The Ironstone tile against the Ironstone gutter
(Yes these are the same colour but look quite different don't you think?)

The only solution was to put the tiles on the roof to see how they would look in real life.

As feared, the Ironstone on the roof tile was going to give us a blue roof which is not what we wanted.

The greys looked a bit too matchy matchy like we didn't quite get the colour tinted right.

So the one that gives us the best and brightest contrast was Charcoal.

The Charcoal ironically is almost the same as the original roof colour and gives us a sharp contrast against the Ironstone and the Classic Cream walls.
I was a little worried about the dark colour heating up with the sun, as it is almost black. Although the roof is insulated we decided to get a Whirly Bird as well which we'll install once the painting is done. Whirly Birds are great for circulating the air in the roof space of your house - we bought the Edmonds Windmaster from Bunnings $98.

I can't wait to show you what it looks like all repaired and painted ... it's going to look like a new house!

Next job is to get the garage door guys to remake our door the right size and install.

[All images my own]

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  1. I like your choice! I would have picked the same. You want a bit of contrast between the gutter and roof I think. Can't wait to see it all done and hopefully those garage door people get there act together and get your door done and installed quick smart too!

  2. Love your choice!

    It will have a huge impact on how the house looks. Can't wait to see the result!

  3. Good choice! It also means if you ever want to change your exterior colours down the track that it will be easier to work with. Looking forward to seeing how it turned out :)

  4. Such sensible decisions! You both seem to have things very nicely under control. I would be so all over the place! At least you're in Perth - the weather here has been awful, especially for painting!

  5. Wow you really have put a lot of thought into it! I always get totally overwhelmed and go for safe at this point! (Like we have terracotta tiles as the colour choice was 1) :-) I think you have made the best choice, its a great contrast. Can't wait for pics when its done.

  6. True, the roof is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to painting the house. The large area that needs to be painted and the materials to be used during the procedure make the task doubly harder. But once painted, you get the feeling that you have achieved something – that you have truly made your house your own. :)

  7. I like your choice as well, Michelle. Charcoal colored tiles would suit best with the type of sidings you have. A combination of mild colored sidings and not so dark colored roof is excellent. You planned it out well, and I know you wouldn't regret it in the future. Good work!

  8. Mary’s right on! Charcoal-colored tiles would really best suit the type of sidings you have, unless you also change the sidings of course. How did it all turn out though? Don’t forget to do maintenance when you’ve already installed the roof.

    - Chantay Smithingell -


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