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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Photo A Day: October Days 26 - 31

Well I did it! I played the October Photo A Day challenge run by Fat Mum Slim and shared a photo every single day for the whole month of October right here on the blog and on my Facebook page.
I don't see myself as a great photographer, pretty average really, I don't even edit my photos before publishing them I'm that slack so this was a pretty big challenge for me. I took all my photos using my smart phone and I admit it does have a pretty great camera which helps.

I found myself looking around for my daily word prompts all the time it kept me on my toes with my eyes open and camera at the ready! It also meant I was sharing more of my personal life and happenings instead of just the latest renovation or DIY project which I really liked and hope you did too!

You can see photos from my October days 1 - 9 here and 10 - 18 here and 19 - 25 here
These are Days 26 - 31 of photos from the prompts above ...

26 Depth of field my nuts are in focus and the background is not;
27 Peaceful view from deck overlooking winery on my girls weekend away;
 28 Just for me we converted our hallway cupboard into my very own shoe cupboard;

29; My Friday night date hair worn ala natural with a hint of cheeky auburn shining through
30; My bar themed fish tank has an all round wet theme
31; Treat using my funky fluro pink tea cup for the first time

That was my first FMS Photo A Day monthly challenge but it definitely won't be my last!
Although I'm not playing the November list as it's going to be a crazy busy month for me ... I'll join in again soon.

[1st Image via Fat Mum Slim all other images my own]
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  1. You have a lot of shoes, love how they have their own closet! I think I am going to try the photo a day in Dec.!

    1. Yes go on you'll be great at it :)

  2. That shoe cupboard is brilliant! What a cool challenge!!!

    1. Thank you it does make me feel a little Carrie Bradshaw when Im getting ready picking out my shoes :)


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