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Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Table Ideas and Inspiration

I have been obsessing about the Christmas table ever since I put my hand up for Mr P and I to host this year. I absolutely love to entertain and have friends and family over and it's such a special occasion having my family join Mr P's family for Christmas this year for the first time so I want everything to be absolutely awesome under pressure much?!
Not only am I planning when I'm awake, it's also been playing on my subconscious because I even had a dream about how to set the table down to the little details of how to fold the napkins ... I kid you not I was dreaming about folding them all fancy until I woke up realising my anxiety was getting a little out of control! I had to decide whether to go paper or linen, what kind of table centrepieces to do (Mr P's response to that was - it's not a wedding!), if fresh flowers would survive a stinking hot summer day outside .... there are so many things to think about! But I'm so excited about it too, I'm a creative type at heart and can't wait to play around with the table decor and make it all pretty and festive.
I've picked my table theme of red, white and silver and it's been really great to stick to this simple colour combination and run with the theme. I have sparkly silver ribbon to wrap around the cutlery, chocolates and treats for the kids table, boxes full of matching bon bons, pretty paper decorations and disco balls to hang from the patio. It is so easy to go overboard but I'm trying not to buy anything that's too Christmassy so there's no Santa shaped plates or Merry Christmas signs, I've bought things I can use again for other entertaining.
It's easy to get caught up and carried away with it all this time of year and we've got to stop and think that the most important thing is not how the napkins are folded or how the colours match up, it's that we are surrounded by the people that we love and care about the most. It doesn't get much better than that :)
How is your Christmas Day planning coming along?
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  1. I love a table of lights xxxx

  2. I love all of those... my faves are the wine glasses dipped in gold! I've also pinned those name cards with the pine needle branch for our party! Fun, fun!! You must post after pics!

    1. Yes those name cards look so fun and easy, I just wonder how well fresh greenery will survive outside on the table as we are in the middle of a heatwave right now! I will definately do some after posts :)

  3. I just love that first one! So gorgeous. x

    1. So do I, its very old school glamour isnt it :)


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