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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Happy Easter Everyone!

With the Easter weekend right in front of us I just wanted to wish you guys, my awesome readers, a fantastic Easter break.
I hope you eat far too many chocolates, overdose on hot cross buns, and just generally overindulge as is expected over Easter!

If you are travelling and going away stay safe and have a great time and if you are just chilling at home relax and enjoy!
I will be doing a mixture of work and play - dabbling in some DIY and ticking off some things on our to do list, catching up with friends and family, doggie dates planned, plus a much needed veg out in front of the TV day!
I won't be here writing on the blog as much but you can always find me posting on my Facebook and Instagram sharing snippets of our Easter break.

Happy Easter everyone!

Stay safe and Have fun xxx

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  1. I love those pink eggs dipped in gold! (My daughter would love them, too!) Enjoy your break!!

    1. And have a blessed Easter! :)


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