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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Griffiths Coffee - Product Review and Giveaway

Since having my own coffee machine at home I have really come to appreciate the taste of good coffee. I grind my own beans so they are fresh and fragrant, fill the coffee maker up by hand, press the button and patiently wait for the coffee to come trickling out of the machine and into my cup.

So when Griffiths Coffee sent me some coffee to try as well as offering a Giveaway pack for my coffee loving readers I was counting down the days for my taste testing to begin!

Griffiths Coffee was established in 1879 in Melbourne and impressively still remains an 100% Australian owned coffee roaster business. The coffee is sourced and imported from South America, Asia and Africa and the coffee beans are shipped back to Melbourne where they are roasted, blended and packaged for sale to coffee lovers all over Australia. 
Griffiths Coffee produce Just Fair Coffee and is the only Fair Trade organic coffee on the market that comes in a reusable and fully recyclable tin. The tins are really cool and would make great holders for everything from pens to flowers. The coffee keeps so much fresher in a tin too and I don't have coffee grains scattered all over my kitchen like I seem to with packet coffee! 
Another clever idea is for anyone who wants to know where in the world your coffee comes from you can find out on the Just Fair Coffee website by tracing the source of the beans.

All you do is type in the used by code on the tin and it will show you where the beans came from and what initiatives are supported with the purchase of that coffee. It's good to know you are supporting the countries the coffee is grown in and the farmers received a fair price and treatment for their product.
While I usually grind my own beans, my coffee grinder is currently broken so I opted to try the ground coffee. Now, let's get this taste test happening shall we!

I'm mostly an espresso girl or as us Aussie's refer to it a short black. That little shot of coffee goodness gets me up and going first thing in the morning and I don't even have sugar in mine as I find it takes away from the flavour and intensity of the coffee taste. I tried the Just Fair Organic Espresso which smelt amazing and had a strong roasted flavour and a lovely layer of crema on top which is the sign of a damn good coffee!


On the weekends when I'm home renovating and DIY-ing I usually need a coffee pick me up late afternoon to get me through to the evening. For this I had a double shot of the Just Fair Organic Decaffeinated which again came out with a lovely crema on top and when stirred went nice and dark. This blend had a more subtle roasted flavour, a smooth taste and was easy to drink.
Now for the fun part, thanks to Griffiths Coffee I have 5 x 250g tins of Just Fair Coffee valued at $65 to giveaway to one lucky reader.
Griffiths Coffee
To enter the giveaway just complete the options on the Rafflecopter form
and leave a comment answering the giveaway question:
Coffee lovers please tell me, how do you like your coffee?
Giveaway open to Australian Residents only. Giveaway ends on 17 June 2014, 5am WST. Winner will be drawn at random on Rafflecopter and must have answered the question and completed all mandatory fields on Rafflecopter. The winner will be contacted and announced shortly thereafter.

Good luck everyone!

Disclosure: Griffiths Coffee partner with bloggers such as me to help promote their product. As part of this promotion I received this product to review and products to giveaway. I have not received any payment or compensation for this review. I have not been told what to say about this product, I am free to form my own opinion and share them in my own words. All opinions are my own. Prize will be posted to winner within Australia direct from company. This prize cannot be exchanged for money.
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  1. We love coffee and would want to try this, but of course, I live in the US, so good luck to whoever will join from Australia! I saw your Breville, Thats a great coffee machine, we have Jura and cannot live without it!

  2. Mmm you're crazy if you don't like coffee! I like my coffee strong, no sugar.

  3. I love mocha coffee, because it combines two of my loves; coffee & chocolate!!

  4. Strong, black and often.
    - Benjamin T

  5. A macchiato for me... preferably with a biscotti and a view in Tuscany!

  6. Milk and one sugar is perfection!

  7. Strong and several of them!

  8. I love a long black with a splash of cold milk. Good and strong!

  9. Black and strong, coffee is my Exilir!

  10. Black and very hot with skim milk is awesome

  11. I love black coffee with half a sugar :)

  12. latte with skim milk!

  13. I like my coffee many times a day, milk, no sugar. Mmmm coffee

  14. Mm I love caramel lattes nom nom

    Jessica Blundell

  15. AnonymousJune 14, 2014

    I like my coffee to be like my wife - beautiful, strong, sweet and tasty. Pity that my usual coffee at home is more like my ex-wife - nasty, weak, bitter and awful...

  16. Strong, rich and aromatic, plus 2 sugars

  17. A strong latte to wake me,
    Its aroma sets me free.
    Otherwise with papers on a Sunday morning,
    Gee, I’m already yawning!

  18. I like a double shot latte first thing every morning! A sprinkle of cinnamon to sweeten and add extra flavour is sometimes nice.

  19. With coconut sugar and a dollop of cream..yum!

  20. How do I like my coffee?

    9 ways:

    Great tasting
    Really hot
    In bed
    Frothy Milk
    Fancy chocolate sprinkle design
    In my mug
    Together with hubby
    Happily sipping
    Sugar added to make my day sweeter

    1. best email to contact if I'm lucky :)

  21. I like my coffee with milk and a little hazelnut syrup

  22. Skim milk double shot and all day.

  23. Latte, full cream milk, no sugar. In fact, I', drinking one right now :)

  24. My favourite coffee is an expresso over ice-cream, unfortunately I can't have 6 of these a day because the ice-cream would kill me! So I mainly drink the other 5 with milk and no sugar.

  25. STRONG, No sugar and by myself!

  26. Filter brew - with the cute barista making it of course

  27. I love my coffee mocha style. Mmm Yumm.

  28. I Love my coffee white with 2 sugars

  29. Long macchiato with soy, please! :)

  30. I like my coffee 2 ways mocha style or milky with no sugar

  31. White No sugar if Instant Milk in first

  32. This giveaway has now closed and the winner has now been announced -
    Thanks so much to everyone for entering, I loved all your comments!

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